A Salute


Here’s to the bridge-builders, the peacemakers, the ones who seek to understand the actions of another.

Here’s to those who care about people who don’t believe as they do. 

Here’s to those who will listen to those they disagree with and seek to find common ground.

Here’s to the ones who quietly work behind the scenes to make life better for others.

Here’s to those who meet people where they are, listening to wounded hearts and hurting souls.

Here’s to righteous anger that longs for a world where wrong is made right and sin is no more.

Here’s to those who are willing to trust God with their tightly held beliefs, and extend an olive branch of peace.

Here’s to the men and women who pray for the world, believing that prayer is our greatest weapon against evil.

Here’s to the ability to protest and the freedom to make our voices heard.

Here’s to courage in living out, in kindness, that which we believe.

Here’s to those who protest and tear down walls, believing that good walls do not good neighbors make.

2 thoughts on “A Salute

  1. Yes, amen and amen! I’m sitting here in Florida far away from ice and snow thinking of the special people building bridges to internationals and immigrants in our church back in Rochester, meeting as I write for an ESL program. Tomorrow they will host an women’s cultural exchange program and they quietly and so faithfully keep on reaching out to the strangers among us. They have been doing this for 20 years or so and their map keeps adding colored markers in countries all over the world that these people come from. We are so blessed to be part of this fellowship. Thanks for a great post, Marilyn.


  2. We attended a church for many years whose mission statement was “building bridges of love that connect people to Jesus Christ and to one another.” That’s what we’re here for. Here’s to the bridge builders!


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