On #InternationalDayofTolerance – Fight for Asia Bibi!


I’m angry. 

A Christian Pakistani woman is sentenced to death in Pakistan. Her crime? She is allegedly accused of insulting Islam after a group of Muslim women did not want her sharing the same water bowl as them. She offered them water and they refused stating it was “unclean.”

I wish this was hyperbole. I wish that I didn’t have to write this piece. But I’m angry. I’m angry that calls for tolerance don’t include the likes of Asia Bibi. I’m angry that Christians, Muslims, or non religious people who care about human rights are not standing up for this woman, insisting on her release. I’m angry that to date, very few people have signed the petition requesting her release.

Her life is clearly of no value to the United Nations, to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, to Human Rights Watch international, and Amnesty International. This should be headline news every single day until she is released. This should not be allowed to happen. The last article I have seen on this from Amnesty International is from 2014. That’s ludicrous for a group that purports to care about human rights.

Asia Bibi has been in jail since 2009. That is seven years!  But obviously, her life as a woman, as a minority, and as a Christian is not something that people who generally fight for these things are willing to fight for. 

Today is the International Day of Tolerance – and yet I saw nothing about Asia Bibi. I saw a lot of rainbows, I saw hands held ad nauseum across the globe. But no one is speaking out for her.

My question is: Why? Why can’t the International Day of Tolerance include the likes of Asia Bibi? Why can’t the International Day of Tolerance look at the plight of Christian women throughout Pakistan?

They have no voice. They have no rights. There are many like Asia Bibi who day after day are discriminated against without anyone paying attention.

Christian friends – will you speak up?

Muslim friends – I will fight for you, and speak up for your rights any day, hour, or minute of the week in this country because it is the right thing to do. I care deeply for you and your community. You are my friends,neighbors, and colleagues. Will you speak up for Asia Bibi.

Other friends – will you speak up and sign a petition for a woman who has nothing and no one fighting for her?

Here is what I am going to ask you to do:

  1. Sign this petition
  2. Email others to sign the petition.
  3. Share this post

Here is the summary: 

Asia Bibi is a Christian wife and mother awaiting execution in a Pakistani prison. She was accused by Muslim coworkers of blasphemy. More than 150,000 Christians in Pakistan signed a petition protesting the injustice against Asia and other Christians in their nation. Now there’s a way for people around the world to add their voices to those Pakistani voices, through an online petition at http://www.CallForMercy.com.

I just signed the petition, and I hope that you’ll click on the link and sign as well. As of today, 702,760 people have signed. The goal is to have one million signatures to deliver to the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC.

Please add your name and speak out on behalf of Asia Bibi.

Folks, this is 2016 and a woman is sentenced to death because of a poorly constructed blasphemy law. We can’t sit silent on this International Day of Tolerance. 

Blogger’s note: The bigger issue is the huge problem with the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan which has come under severe attack but nothing has yet been done to change it.

12 thoughts on “On #InternationalDayofTolerance – Fight for Asia Bibi!

  1. I’ve been following her story for years via Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs. VOA has a way to send cards and notes to prisoners around the world, so my Bible Schools class did that this past year. Her story has touched my heart. Thanks for highlighting her story!


  2. I signed the petition. While there is plenty of good in all religions , a lot of people think that their religion is better than the next. Thus religion seems to divide rather than unite. It takes constant repitition and education to educate people that differences are okay and that we don’t all have to be exactly the same.


  3. We have also signed. One of the most concerning things is that evenif she is declared innocent and released, she is likely to be in danger of her life from zealots taking the law into their own hands. She will probably have to go into hiding or leave the country. The problem with the blasphemy law is so much bigger than just this one case. May God have mercy!


  4. The idea that this is happening in 2016….this autrocity can happen….makes me sick to my stomach. Where are the fighters of justice for this woman! People can boycott and rally and hold signs for nothing NEARa cause of hers. Breaks my heart. Thank you for spreading awareness.


  5. Yes, Marilyn, I’m glad to see you are taking up her cause. I signed this one, and also the one that Michael mentioned, the petition sponsored by the ACLJ, the American Center for Law and Justice. They are a good group of Christian lawyers who go after situations like this! Everyone can sign that one, too! Lord, have mercy!!


  6. I signed the petition when it first came out! Thanks for speaking up for Asia Bibi, Marilyn. She is much more worth demonstrating for than what’s happening right now. I am fed up with talking about tolerance, too. Let’s just go and do it instead of talking about it.

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