Living as a Beloved One

We spontaneously dropped in on friends last evening. This area of the United States is not fond of spontaneous visits. Much better to plan. But planning gets wearisome and so we decided to go against the cultural norms. We arrived on our friends doorsteps as they were finishing dinner. 

We picked the right people. We were welcomed with arms open and ended up staying for over two hours. 

Soon after we arrived, their youngest child, Francy, came into the room. Francy hasn’t seen us in over a year and she is little. She walked into the room, took one look at us, and ran up to us bursting with smiles. Golden ringlets falling over her face, she jumped into my husband’s arms, hugging him tight. 

I watched, astonished. Here was a child completely secure and utterly loved. She had no fear of rejection or dismissal. She jumped into Cliff’s arms with complete abandon, certain that she would be welcomed. 

In recent weeks I’ve been thinking about God’s love.  Intellectually, I know God loves me. I know, by heart, verses that confirm this. I know it as fact. But as life has become more and more complicated, my heart does not believe.  I do not trust that I will be welcomed with open arms. I do not throw myself, with utter abandon, into the arms of God.  Rather, I approach him as I approach New Englanders; tentatively, warily, uncertain of the response.  

Francy’s entrance reminded me that it hasn’t always been like this. My approach to God hasn’t always been wary and uncertain. There was a time when I, like Francy, threw myself into the arms of God. In those moments, my head and heart connected — the verses that I knew by heart became a living reality. I knew, in the deepest place, that I was loved. 

What if I truly believed– and lived — as one loved by God?

What if I walked in the security and confidence that a child, secure in the love of a parent walks? 

I know instinctively that my life would be different.  Delight, goodness, warmth, compassion, joy, honesty, truth — all those would be characteristics that flow from a life lived in light of the love of God. I would not do things to gain favor. I would have no need of self-promotion. I would walk in security. 

How much I am missing

This weekend I have time to reflect and pray. Time that I haven’t had in a while. As I reflect on God and his love,  Francy’s face keeps on popping up in my mind, like a slideshow on repeat. 

“God, help me to be more like Francy. Help me to walk as a beloved one.” 

4 thoughts on “Living as a Beloved One

  1. Marilyn, so grateful for your beautiful, descriptive capture of this moment. Having been in a long struggle with Lyme disease and toxic mold I became very isolated, had to censor what I said to people about how I felt, what was really going on in my life. My trust also diminished and I was again becoming the person that liked animals a whole lot more than people. Like you I was reminded of how I walked and talked with, and listened to God as a child. It was such a joyful relationship. I was so happy for the whole-body memory, not just one in my head. I used it to find my way back to a joyful union. I pray the same for you. I have not blogged in some time but hope to get back to it soon as Facebook has much less dimension for the most part. Here is a link you may find helpful: also there is just joystarts (there is a very good book of same name by Dr. Jim Wilder and 3 others
    ) the first is meatier. Any spiritual relationship can help us in any emotion but I find the growth much more substantial when you meet in a place of joy before you move to your current life or a painful memory/trauma that needs healing. Take care.


    1. Thank You Marilyn, you have a way of bringing out such promises that we so quickly overlook. I am a daughter of the King and loved unconditionally…what an amazing status!!


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