Podcast -On Refugees, Fear, and Politics

Good morning!

After an incredible weekend with my people at Families in Global Transition, I am sending you to a podcast that Anita Lustrea did with me last week. We talked about Pakistan, refugees, fear, politics, and how America needs a spanking.

I would love to have you take a listen and let me know what you think!

More reflecting on the weekend will be coming, but today I am still in the glow of connection that happens when you get together with people who have lived across the globe and love the world.

Thank you!

Click here to listen! 

6 thoughts on “Podcast -On Refugees, Fear, and Politics

  1. I loved that quote from Rachel Jones, “Safety is a Western illusion crafted into an idol, and we refuse to bow.” I am going to post it on my Facebook page, if that is okay?


  2. Your voice radiated joy. It was a gift to hear those you encountered represented as real people and not just their sorrow tags. And I love that quote from Rachel Pieh Jones for us higher-strung ones. I was grieving over the news and came here to be pointed back to the image of Christ. Thank you for your postings.

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  3. Haven’t listened to this yet, but yes! America not only needs one, it is about to get one–spanking that is. Looking forward to hearing the podcast, knowing that you will bring to the table once more your uniquely Marilyn perspective. Wise, multi-leveled, and true.

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