The Power of Words

I am grateful to my friend, Parry, for these beautiful and wise words of poetry. Parry is a Muslim woman who lives in Kuwait. 

Of all weapons, the most lethal a potent poison, extremely fatal more dangerous than guns or swords

Such is the power held by words.

Words can blind and they can deceive, entangle the mind, webs of lies weave,

till truth merges with fiction’s blight and is lost forever to reason and sight.

Fiery words spewed, used to propogate cloud the thoughts, spread such hate,

Inciting passions tear minds asunder, leading to wars, genocide and murder.

So be on your guard, beware of words,

Not all is true that’s spoken and heard.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Thank you for your kind comment Robin. I had written this years ago but it seems to be the need of the day so i sent it along to Marilyn. We are all well thank you. Hope all is great with you and yours. We must talk soon :)


  2. Parry!! I love this! Thank you for sharing it with us! It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. I hope you and your beloved family are well.


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