How I Felt Going to Boarding School….

I was so little when I went to boarding school. And most of my friends were as well.

When I look back on it, we all acted so brave. But if there was one wrong word or misstep, tears were at the ready. And that’s why I love this video so much. Because my whole childhood of going to boarding school and saying goodbye to my mom came back to me, but without pain. Just a lot of laughter. I don’t post this to be heartless, but because I relate with it so much! Happy Saturday!

11 thoughts on “How I Felt Going to Boarding School….

  1. I saw this video snippet on TV–it made the national news (on CBS). I wish there was a way to “like” these posts, Marilyn, as on Facebook, as well as the comments. Not very personal, I know, but a way to see that it/they are being seen and well received.


  2. I can barely remember saying goodbye to my parents as they left me in boarding school. The excitement of being there and the feeling I was finally home was so overwhelming… It overshadowed everything else. But then I was 14. I think if I was younger, I still would have felt the same way.


  3. How did we, the parents feel about our children going to boarding school? It was never easy. Sometimes we felt just like that little boy – happy one moment and crying the next.


  4. PS: Oh, yes, and I love the video, but I did tear up for the little tyke. Our 3 five year old great grands are all starting Kindergarten this year.


  5. Well, I think it’s appropriate that I be the first to post on this. You WERE so little when we first left you in Murree, only 6 & 1/2. And only just over 7 when we put you on the train in Hyderabad with your 3 big brothers, and your boarding “big sister” Joy after your first 3 month holidays at home. How did we do that? I don’t know except that being convinced in our hearts and minds that this was the right thing for you, and a part of God’s plan. Your Dad and I had also talked through what we would do if one of our children was unable to adjust to being away in boarding – we would either leave Pakistan or move to a city where you could live at home. In the places where we lived, we didn’t believe that home schooling was an option. I am so grateful for God’s grace to you and your brothers that you not only survived, but the experience has enriched your adult lives and helped to make each of you the person you are today. All praise to Him! And much, much love to you, my precious daughter.


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