The Heart Demands Conversation

“The heart does not want coffee or cafe,
The heart demands conversation with friends,
Coffee is the excuse in this case”*

I smiled as I read this quote. It comes from a sign in a coffee shop in Antalya, Turkey and I intend to track it down at some point.

The heart may not want coffee, the heart may demand conversation, but on this Thursday morning, the body wants coffee!

After I caffeinate I will demand conversation, I will want stories and interactions, I will tire quickly of computer screens.

But now? I want coffee! 

And you?! 

 *Sign from a coffee shop in Antalya, Turkey

3 thoughts on “The Heart Demands Conversation

  1. I like that quote.

    Today, not as hot as yesterday, but I tend to get dehydrated easily in the Summertime. After doing some shopping, I convinced the BF to go though the Panera drive through. I *thought* I was ordering a chai latte….Imagine my surprise when we pulled away and I gulped my COFFEE latte!

    Oh well. It’s all part of the adventure….


  2. Normally I don’t drink coffee, but this morning I’m thinking that an aromatic steaming cup a very good excuse!


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