How do You Open Your Heart?

Fred Perry quote

A year ago I wrote a piece called “People Have Friends; Governments have Interests.” A friend of mine made this comment on the post, and so I offer it to you today.

I have been blessed to live in and travel much of the world that many Americans would consider dangerous and full of people who would mean us harm or ill will. Many of my best friends come from and live in these places that have been “branded” by media and by politics. The only way to experience the humanity of another or “the other” is to open your heart, your home and the opportunity for friendship and wait to be amazed.*

How do you meet those who are “the other?” What has helped you open your heart to those who are different from you?

*the quote is from our friend, Fred Perry. You can read more about him here.

2 thoughts on “How do You Open Your Heart?

  1. I have been the ‘first friend’ for several people through the years. I remember what it feels like to be in a new country and if I can help somebody new appreciate my hometown, then it’s a mitzvah.

    Right now I’m looking forward to my first couchsurfing experience! I’ll be hosting a woman from Texas in September.


  2. The single, absolutely most important thing I have done to open my heart is pray for them. It was when our church was praying through the 30 Days Ramadan prayer guide that God brought a Muslim woman into our church and into my life. Five years later she remains a dear and close friend. From that humble beginning God has opened my heart to the point I now have a ministry to Muslim women. I always advise anyone struggling with people of any background to start with prayer.

    In addition hospitality is important but even more so is spending time in their home, in their setting. Honoring them causes them to open up even more and allows love to flow freely.


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