We are all Witnesses: Planned Parenthood, Eric Garner (Et al.), and Life in the Age of Footage

Excellent article: “What does the Christian do in the age of closed eyes and covered ears, when all are afraid of monstrous truths that threaten to unravel the tidy narratives we like to tell ourselves? We pursue the truth with verve, trusting that when we arrive there, Truth himself has run ahead of us and is waiting to welcome us home. “

Thicket of the Jordan


Ask the athletes, and they will tell you. The camera disabuses us of false perceptions of grandeur. Years ago, I scored the sole touchdown of my sixteen years of football. It was my first game back after three torn ligaments threatened to derail my career and close off any route to higher education. Ranging the field from my position at linebacker, I saw the runner scramble to the right, and while getting tackled, drop the ball. Athlete that I am, I scooped it up and sprinted to the end zone. Afterwards, I dropped to a knee for quick prayer and went to celebrate with my teammates. At least that is how I remembered it. The next week, during the video session, I was surprised to learn that what to me had been a sprint to fame, came across slightly less gloriously on screen. My coach described it tersely: We could…

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