Windows in Rockport

RockportFor our family, Rockport is a place of light and peace. It is a part of our lives that symbolizes rest and renewal. From walks along the rocky coast, to walking through the art galleries, shops, and restaurants in the small center of the town, Rockport provides solace in a world that is often too busy and chaotic.

On a recent weekend as we walked through the town center, I took these photos. They are not professional, but they do give a glimpse through the window of why we love this place.

May they bring peace to your weekend.

What are your places of peace? I would love to hear about them through the comments. Thanks for dropping by.

Windows Rockport


9 thoughts on “Windows in Rockport

  1. Marilyn
    I know that your pictures aren’t probably the main thing about your blog but it is definitely one of the things I really enjoy about your posts.

    Thanks for the Beauty!


    1. Oh I love this so much! Thank you. It’ funny you should say that because I look back at when I first began blogging and realize that my pictures have indeed improved :) But truth be told, it’s easy to find beauty in Rockport!! So thankful that you read and comment.


  2. These are gorgeous photos, Mom! It’s really lovely how the sunlight peaks through in the backgrounds. My favorite place of peace from long ago was the pond at the first Essex home – I spent hours alone on the raft rowing my way to and fro.


    1. I love hearing that about the pond. That in a tumultuous year of change, that was solace is grace indeed. I’d love for you and Lauren to have time alone at the cottage, so you can experience Rockport the way I am this weekend!

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  3. Back in the late 70’s my husband (before he was my husband) was in Boston for a missions conference, ACMC. They took a short diversion and ended up in Rockport. It has been his favorite memory of the east coast since then. About 6 years ago or so, we were gifted with a trip to Boston and we were able to find this hidden jewel and Tom was delighted to show me why he loved it so. We each had a cup of chowder and walked the quiet streets and waterfront. I understand your refreshment. Hmm not sure where I get mine these days, but I do know that gazing out my window and seeing a gold finch at the feeder delights my heart.


  4. Beautiful pics! Looks like many from Bearskin Neck, is that right? Oh man, Rockport, what a wonderful place in every way. I have such fond memories of going “home” to Folly Cove (not too far away) in Lanesville from MBI in Chicago.


    1. Yes! And we pass your old house every weekend on that route! We always say “There’s the Friberg’s old house!” It is an amazing spot. Can’t wait until you and Chris can join us here sometime. Or use it yourselves!


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