A Little Break

Hey everyone! Sometimes you just need to admit it – and so we will: Robynn and I are really tired. We have both had major life events happen (her first graduated from high school, my fourth graduated from college – and yes I was a child bride. Just kidding.) We are both in the midst of busy seasons at work and home, and we aren’t going to do our best by you if we don’t take a short break. So we will offer up some old pieces that perhaps you haven’t read and ask for grace. Neither of us want to write things that will be a waste of your time, and so we step back for a short time.

Please know how much we value your time, the fact that you read is a gift! Please know that we love, love it when you connect either in this public forum or through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Please know that your affirmation of this space means so much!

Here are a few pieces you may like:

Parenting Series by Robynn. This is a wise and wonderful series!

Series on Suffering by Robynn. An amazing, powerful series that will make you want to highlight, copy, and re-read.

Posts on Rest:

My Weary Wheels Need a Rest

In Praise of Idle Moments


Posts on Transition and Goodbye

Honor the Grief, Honor the Goodbye

Transition: Building a Raft

I’m from….

A Stretch-marked Soul

To the One who is Left Behind

How to Give Yourself Grace: Advice to Someone Returning from a Long Journey

To Challenge You

Challenging Assumptions

Churches too Empty, Mosques too Far

Sometimes You Can’t Keep Silent

You Can’t Empower Those You Pity

I pray rest for all of you! Thank you for being a part of this blog.

Travel Quote:

Between the pages of a passport

12 thoughts on “A Little Break

  1. Enjoy your rest! As much as I enjoy you posts…I want you to be HEALTHY! Praying that you will receive encouragement and peace in your spirit as you body receives


  2. Marilyn,
    Rest – a welcome companion this season – I will finally read your precious book “Between Worlds…”. Maybe in the fall you will publish a sequel. Wishing you and Robyn a summer filled with grace and tranquility.


  3. Understand your need to draw back and rest. Enjoy these months of sun and reflection. I think I can picture you, Marilyn, by the sea on those moments you get away. Sometimes,even for followers we need to step away from all the quiet noise/word noise and rest our minds and souls. Thank you for all your words and look forward to your return.


  4. You deserve the rest, girls, and believe me, the posts you’ve shared above are worth their weight in gold! We will all enjoy them until such time as you feel ready and able to write again. Love you both!


  5. Hi! I was born and raised in the US midwest, but am now raising my two kiddos on the west coast of Mexico. I am blessed to serve alongside several other mamas, as we live in community and do life together. All 5 of us read your blog here, as well as ALO, and so many posts have felt like a lifeline over the past few years. I don’t even know how many people we’ve collectively recommended it to. I doubt any of us have ever commented before- just wanted to give a shout-out and say thank you, sincerely, thank you for the effort and time and honesty. We are deeply appreciative. Many posts have been discussed in our staff meetings or over a breakfast table, and exchanged in emails as encouragement, comment on a situation or challenge. Take a breather, and rest well, we’ll look forward to your return.


  6. You have my full permission to enjoy a break without feeling guilty! Be refreshed. Good reads are always good for more than one time.


  7. Of course you two need a break! You appear super-human as it is with the quantity and quality of writing you produce. Please know we value you! Enjoy some time without a posting deadline. Your fans will be here when you get back.


  8. I really appreciate your self care in taking a break – for me this is a wonderful role model. I know that I often push through to perform rather than retreat and rest when I need it. I associate this with long years of the expectation to keep on going in the face of unrecognised grief and profound change of a TCK lifestyle. This behaviour pattern has become second nature. Thank you. Perhaps today’s post is one of the most meaningful for me so far, is very salient in my personal circumstances, and full of graciousness.


    1. I fully understand! Please do take a break. It was harder to take a break in the medical field overseas and some of us paid the price. So please do take a break!! BTY: I just talked with Dr. Haroon on the phone and he is grateful to have been picked up at the airport by you, I think. He is seeing the “good side” of America.


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