TCK Memes

Between the pages of a passport

Airport Check-in w quotesuitcases with quotecoffee quotepassport-Adelaidepassport with quoteplane with quoteOld city with quoteLearning to tell our storiesNew York - tck quoteset of books with quotechair - TCK quoteNostalgiaDoors 2 with quote on hometck journey 2bleeding-heart-

From Girl Gone International
From Girl Gone International

culture-shock1One last timePlease feel free to use any or all of these! I have cited those that are not written by me. Just remember: always credit Communicating Across Boundaries for creating and gathering these.

5 thoughts on “TCK Memes

  1. When I moved to Asia last year, I ignored my phone for my last 24 hours on US soil and I still haven’t been forgiven by all the people I gypped out of hugging me one last time. They just don’t get it… I physically am unable to say ‘goodbye’!


  2. Did I miss something? What is”Meme”?
    Good byes are hard, even painful, but there are times that I wish I had been able to say goodbye as when my sister died in December so unexpectedly. But as someone said, “Christians don’t have to say goodbye – we can say with assurance, “See you later.”

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