These Things I Believe


These things I believe….

That street and subway musicians deserve our spare change.

That you should always buy lemonade from kids who are selling it on street corners.

That the stranger should be welcomed.

That love is better than safety.

That those who know how to grieve also know how to comfort.

That kids need ice cream for dinner occasionally.

That friends are worth fighting for.

That grilled cheese sandwiches and dhal and rice are comfort foods.

That you can rarely be too warm.

That envy will kill your heart and generosity will fill your soul.

That we react too quickly to social media and end up swallowing our words so they choke us.

That international terminals are the best.

That a walk by the ocean can ease a heavy heart.

That everything tastes better at the beach.

That our world is to be explored and enjoyed.

That the old deserve our care and respect.

That decorating Christmas cookies is necessary wherever you are in the world.

That white lights make everything a little better, and a lot brighter.

That babies and earthquakes are the only real surprises left.

That home, poetry, and picnics are necessary.

That most conflicts are more complicated than they may seem.

That life is too short to hate family.

That man has always tried to make God in his image, forgetting it should be the other way around; forgetting the glorious image that was stamped on man from the beginning.

That marriage is worth the risk and the fight.

That it’s better to be kind than right.

That life is far too difficult to go through it without God.

That there is enough grace to go around – enough for everyone. If we’ll take it.

These things I believe. What about you? 

18 thoughts on “These Things I Believe

  1. This is beautiful, Marilyn. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. With all that is going on in our country right now, your words soothe my soul.


  2. That reading this blog is one of the best parts of my day!
    That hope survives, no matter what, and love triumphs … no matter what.


  3. Kindness supersedes.

    Orthopraxis is more telling than orthodoxy.

    My treatment of the most undesirable is a litmus test of my relationship with God.

    Pets are demonstrations of the extravagance of Divine Love.

    Love wins.

    A riot is the language of the unheard.

    Love is a commitment that is renewed daily.


  4. I believe that a path into the woods is meant to be taken. That there is nothing like the view of our planet from an airplane. That grandchildren need hot chocolate with marshmallows and hugs. That walking in the rain and stomping in puddles is therapeutic. That reading in bed before you go to sleep can be some of the best moments of the day. That I can be friends with anyone, we are both human. That fall leaves need to be savored. That sharing thoughts is one of the richest of God’s gifts.

    Thank you.


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