When Grace Has Visited You

There’s a lot of time on a 10-hour plane ride to reflect. (And watch movies if we’re being honest here…) My reflection was on return. What does it mean to return?

There is something bittersweet about return. On the one side there is the joy of being reunited with my husband, of being back in my own space, on the side there is the return to a place where I don’t always feel I belong.

The past two days have shown me a grace-filled return–reminders that “identity is not a place you live at, but a person you live in.”

My cousin Judi lives, works, and raises a family in Moscow. Initially raised in the small town where I was born, her sense of place has expanded to include Massachusetts, Texas, and Moscow. She is someone whom I respect and love, someone whom I don’t get to spend enough time.

Two days ago a quote she posted on social media challenged me in a beautiful way. I quickly took it and created a visual, to remind myself that grace has indeed visited. Enjoy and thank you Judi!

How has grace visited you this week?

typewriter 2 with quote cropped

9 thoughts on “When Grace Has Visited You

  1. Thank you for these words….and the reminder! I’m living in Africa and realizing that everything I placed my identity in has been taken away. Actually, I realize that I’ve place my identity and security in the wrong places. It should have been in Christ all along……but I was being too American and placing it in my works and accomplishments. So, I have been visited by grace!!! My identity and security is only in Christ….where it should be!


  2. I’m almost done with your book and I’ve already recommended it to a few people as well as your blog! One of my friends has a son who is an Orthodox monk. She is enjoying your Reluctant Orthodox posts and shared them with her son too.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us readers!


    1. I just saw this comment and want to thank you so much for this encouragement on a Monday morning. And thank you also for your words on the Reluctant Orthodox posts! In which monastery is your friend’s son?


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