6 thoughts on “How We Grow

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this quote. It is a struggle where I live in a fairly heterogeneous community. See my post about a recent success after years of trying to find a multi-cultural community in my town. My blog, Traveling Light (

    And just last week, a friend lamented that she did not have one black friend, the kind that she would go to coffee with or have over for dinner. She decided she would have to change that. That’s awareness, willingness to change, and courage. I salute her!


  2. Marilyn, this is a great MOTTO. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure by association with those so much unlike us; economic, religious, age, etc. Being on “the outside” has given me the freedom to move in and out across all boundaries. “Don’t box me in!”


  3. Yesterday I started chatting with a man in the checkout line at Aldi’s. His wife caught up with him, and I saw that she was wearing a shalwar kameez. They were from Karachi and Hyderabad! And he even knows a little Sindhi. Outside where Dad was waiting in the car, the gentleman came over to meet him and they exchanged phone numbers. Now we need to follow up. People who are quite obviously Asian seem so happy when we stop and ask them where they’re from and introduce ourselves.
    I have a harder time getting acquainted with kids at our church. Love your quote. Thanks for this good reminder on a Saturday morning.


  4. Last Thursday I went to visit god-daughter Beate, her husband Craig and, of course, little Zahra When I was walking to the bus on the way home, I had to cross a really busy road in South London, well away from my usual leafy surroundings.. About 40 yards from me was a young Asian woman in shalwar kameez and dopatta. We caught each other’s eye, and she walked down to join me. We linked arms and I said: Let’s go! Someone will stop for us. Sure enough someone did! At the other side she said: You helped me! I think she meant that as she was young She should have helped me. Maybe the driver was so astonished to see a white haired white woman arm in arm with a young Asian woman that it made him stop. It was a precious moment.


    1. Oh – I Love this so much. So much. And yes, I love surprising people like this as well. When my Hindi teacher and I walk arm in arm I feel the same way – that it surprises people and that’s a good thing!


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