Glory All Around

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In December my friend Lara broke her leg.

The circumstances in which she broke her leg were not ‘normal’, at least not for someone who lives in the city. Lara and her husband had long-planned a trip to visit his parents in Germany. The plan became reality as they set off a couple of weeks before Christmas with their two little ones.

The agenda included a lot of visiting and a lot of snow activities — in the Alps. With Germany so close to Switzerland, her in-laws had some wonderful outings planned.

But during a nighttime sledding, Lara hit a block of ice breaking both the sled, and her leg. The bone snapped in two. The x-rays made me shudder.

At this point they were alone on the mountain. Her husband, slightly ahead of her, heard the shout and looking back saw the sled in half. He knew it couldn’t be good. He ran back and together they devised a home-made splint to secure the leg in her boot. She knew immediately that she had broken her leg.

He took her to a place of safety, where he then proceeded to run into the town to get his parents and get her to a hospital as soon as possible.

So there she was, all alone, leg broken, in a country that is foreign to her waiting for her husband to bring help. But as Lara was telling the story she said this “Here I was. In the Alps – the mountains all around me, the moon reflecting bright off the snow. Glory all around me. It almost didn’t matter that I had broken a leg!” Her eyes saw the glory all around.

I can’t get the image out of my mind. In those moments she was able to see past her circumstances, able to see the glory of something far greater than an accident that would soon have her in surgery getting pins in her leg and a cast that would limit her mobility.

There was glory all around.

I think about this today, carrying the image close to my heart. For I am caught in a dull grey cubicle–cubicle number 4008. While I long to soar and see glory I feel my wings catch on synthetic walls and a 6×6 foot space. The thin window faces a parking garage and to see the sky I strain my head and look up four floors.

I come in so motivated, so determined to exercise God-given creativity and passion. But the passion begins to die with the grumpy Barista, the heart beat slows with the unanswered “Good Morning!” greeting to the security guard and flat lines as I get off the elevator and walk through the dark cubicle corridor.

I am caught in a cubicle; a government-issued cubicle.

But then I think of Lara with a broken bone and pulsating pain. I think of being alone and cold and yet seeing glory all around. It’s this image that transports me beyond circumstance. It’s true that the subway is a far cry from the Alps, that the moonlit glory of majestic mountains is nowhere near the reality of busy, city streets, that the dull grey of a cubicle holds no comparison to a moon lighting up the dark sky and reflecting off snow-covered mountain peaks. But there is, if I can see it, glory all around. 

So I look beyond the circumstances of life to the Eternal, praying that I will have eyes to see  the glory all around.

Where do you see glory all around? 

This week’s muffins from Stacy are in honor of her nephews – Banana-Blueberry Muffins. Stacy says this: “This week’s muffins were made especially with my nephews and my brother-in-law in mind since they are all huge fans of banana bread.”  Enjoy! 

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7 thoughts on “Glory All Around

  1. I have the privilege of living in a Central Asian backwater city at 5,200 ft. above sea level, surrounded by towering mountains that go up to 15,000+ ft. I try to appreciate my Creator’s beautiful artwork every time I see them. There are times my circumstances work against that goal–so thanks for the good reminder.


  2. It should be easy for me just now – spring, long days still getting longer for another three weeks, lots of sunshine even here in Rochester. But too often I find myself feeling dragged down by my aging body moving slower than I like, my memory not as sharp as it used to be, just not able to do the things I used to do..
    Then last evening I heard this from a 59 year old friend of son Tom and his wife Terry. Five years ago Suzy was diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow and at the same time went into kidney failure. Recently cancer cells were found in her spinal fluid and she went through more chemo. This is what she wrote:

    “Today we flipped a page on the calendar–June 1st–as we near the longest day of the year. Here in upstate NY we’ve been enjoying the most beautiful weather, weather that puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. It’s the sunshine–the light–that delights the eye, causes the birds to sing, plants to grow, flowers to bloom and, frankly, a general feeling of well-being…
    I’ve been enjoying the gift of each day. Peter pulled the motorcycle out yesterday and I’m hoping my hand neuropathy subsides so I can record a 2nd CD. (It’s a long shot but I’d really love it if you all prayed for me in that regard.) Fun stuff! AND, another unexpected milestone approaches–our 36th wedding anniversary!”

    Several times she mentions the gift of each day, and how she has no need to fear losing the light because, “Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world. The person who follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” John 8;12
    So that is becoming my goal at this stage of my life, nearly 86, to open my eyes in the morning thanking the Lord for another day to live, to praise Him, to bless others and be blessed! Thank you, Marilyn. And may the light and glory of the Lord shine in your gray cubicle. I love you


  3. Reminds me of a book I read once where an old man was asked by a younger man, what is marriage really like? And the old man said, “depends on what day you ask me.” This was inspiring. Exhale. Pause. Prayer. Notice the world and quiet moments. Thank you for helping to give me heart-full perspective today to see glory in the world and people. If you want to break free of the cube, come find me!!


  4. 💙 love this reminder to look for the “glory all around us” no matter what our present circumstances are!!! 💙


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