On the Ocean and God

I love the ocean. I love its waves pounding over rocks or breaking softly over sand. I love the way it looks in calm and in storms. I love the smell and the feel of the ocean.

I love everything about it.

I’ve long held a healthy respect for the ocean with its deep waters and indescribable sea life. It is constant, yet unpredictable; fierce but calming; healing yet hurting while it heals.

Never have I wished the ocean to be anything different than what it is.

As I was recently reflecting on this, I realized how much my feelings for the ocean resemble my feelings for God.

I love Him – but I don’t understand him. He is constant, but completely unpredictable. He heals but, like a good surgeon, it often hurts. He is a fierce God, yet learning more of him calms my soul.

But I have often wished God to be different than he is. I have often wished him to be more predictable. I have often shaken my fist and said “You hurt me!”. My soul has many times been anything but calm.

Reflecting on my acceptance of the ocean brings waves of challenge. Can I be willing to accept the mystery of God the way I do the mysteries of the ocean?



4 thoughts on “On the Ocean and God

  1. I love the ocean, too, Marilyn. The Atlantic has a special appeal. It is the Arabian Sea that brings on nostalgia! Thanks for the lessons we can learn from the oceans.


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