A God of Process

God of Process

Lent began yesterday evening in the Orthodox Church and with it a time of reflection and fasting. As I begin this time I am utterly convinced of the above quote and am grateful that God is a God of Process. 


I will not be posting daily during this time of Lent, rather will do a few now and then, including some pictures from my daughter Stefanie, as well as feature a guest-post series on TCK’s finding their niche. I’ve got some great stories of Adult TCK’s and how they came into the work they are now doing. It’s fascinating to see the career choices of those who grow up between worlds and I want to focus on this as an encouragement to others. As always I thank you for reading Communicating Across Boundaries. It is a gift.

Stacy says this about today’s muffins: For this week’s Muffin Monday, we are visiting the pubs of England for a ploughman’s lunch of cheddar, beer and pickle. These muffins are called Ploughman’s Lunch Muffins and can be found by clicking here. 

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4 thoughts on “A God of Process

  1. I love that quote and it is so true for me right now. I’m waiting on God for something… rather impatiently and he has told me he has it covered! I’m thinking… when?? when have you got it covered??!!


    1. Right?! I so relate with this. And then I have an experience where I found an old journal , and everything I was so worried about a couple of years ago really has been covered. Not my way to be sure but covered none the less.


  2. A lovely and so very true quote. In the Bahá’í Faith we are also beginning our period of fasting, coming closer to our Creator, looking back and looking forward. It’s nice to see the sameness mirrored in your post. We are one people, reaching to attain our highest selves.


    1. Dianne– thank you so much for this lovely message. Lent is a great time to focus on process not product. Will be thinking of you during your time of fasting as well.


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