Guest Posting – A Fight for Beauty

I’m honored to send you over to DL Mayfield’s Blog today where I write about beauty in the city. DL is a gifted writer and thinker. Her pieces always leave me challenged and I am better for them. She has written about refugees, theology, downward mobility — basically she writes about living in the upside down kingdom. You can find her writing for McSweeneys, Geez, Curator, a Deeper Story, Christ and Pop Culture and many others.The fact that she accepted my guest post is a gift. 

I’ve offered an excerpt of the piece below.


It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m looking out my window at a blanket of white snow. It is soft and pristine in its beauty. The snow has covered up cars, streets, sidewalks. It has also covered up garbage bins and garbage.

My Greek neighbor has already been out shoveling and I hear the sound of his metal shovel against the concrete. He puts the rest of us, who wait until we have no choice, to shame with his disciplined shoveling and keeping of the sidewalk in front of his apartment snow-free.

The snow is beautiful. But I know in an hour, two hours tops, it will have turned from fluffy white to squishy brown. Because this is the city.

There are times when living in the city is not about downward mobility, when it’s not about relationships or intentional living.

Instead, there are times when living in the city is about a fight for beauty. Read the rest of the piece here.

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