Home – A re-blog from Something Different

I’m taking time off from blogging and today I’m sending you to the blog Something Different with writer/student Josh Wiley. I don’t know Josh but do know his parents and love that we share so much in common through growing up in Pakistan and transitioning to life in the west during college.

Josh took me back to Pakistan this morning and I smiled as I remembered times of arriving in Karachi with my heart bursting knowing I was home.


Over 30 people on this car

Home. There’s something refreshingly normal about being home. Within a few seconds of making my way out of the airport in Karachi and into my parents’ warm arms, everything became so very familiar. Sitting in the back of the car as we pulled out of the airport, I had to remind myself that this is not ‘normal’. You’ve waited to be here, Josh. Now enjoy it and appreciate it like you waited for it. But I do enjoy it. I do enjoy being home. I just enjoy the normalcy of it.

Somehow the familiarity of home adds to the enjoyment, or reflects it, at least. If I was constantly reminded how strange it was to be home, it wouldn’t really be home, would it? But instead, it’s in the places where everything is as expected that I often experience the most joy.

Read the rest of the article here. 

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