To Believe in the Beyond


To believe in the redemptive love of God through Jesus is to believe in a reordering of life, to believe that things are not as they seem. It is to believe in transformation of the whole person. It is to believe that beyond the ugly is beauty, beyond the broken is wholeness, beyond dementia is a sound mind, beyond insanity is sanity, beyond the dark is light, beyond sorrow is joy, and beyond death is life.*

It is to believe that nothing is beyond the redeeming love of God.

It is to believe in the beyond.

This post is dedicated to my cousins – John, Jeff, Judi, Joe, & Jayna and to my dear Uncle Jim on the loss of my Aunt Jean. I love you. 

*Originally written for this post Scratched on the Walls of an Insane Asylum – The Love of God

4 thoughts on “To Believe in the Beyond

  1. As you know, dear Marilyn, I too this week am grieving the loss of a dear aunt. Your post today has brought me comfort. May it be so for you and your family. Beyond death there is life, life everlasting.


  2. Oh, Marilyn, I am so sorry for your loss! May those beautiful words and our faith in the beyond be of some comfort while you all grieve the loss of your precious aunt.


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