To Enter or to Reenter: That is the Question

Readers – I miss you! I’ll be back tomorrow but for now I wanted to send you over to Next Stop: Musings from a Third Culture Kid. Dounia is a reader of Communicating Across Boundaries and it has been a joy to get to know her a bit through blogging and connecting in the comment section. She’s done a great job here on speaking to her journey of Entering. Enjoy this post called To Enter or Reenter: That is the Question.

Next Stop

Recently I read a couple of blog posts written by an adult third culture kid about expats and reentry, and TCKs and entry. I thought the differentiation she made was very telling and made perfect sense to me. When you consider reentry, it means returning somewhere you’ve already been and that you can consider as home. For an expat who left his/her home country for a ‘mission’ elsewhere, coming back to their home base is indeed reentry. For a third culture kid however, moving to their passport country is not necessarily a reentry. They may have never lived in their passport country or only lived there as a child, or perhaps don’t return to the exact same location in that country. Some aspects of settling back in may be the same for reentry and entry, but the TCK often goes through more struggles to adapt.

Ever since I…

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