For Grandma K – Live From the Red Sox Parade!

One of my earliest memories of my maternal grandmother is sitting in her small living room at 40 Hyde Park Street, eating Ritz crackers and watching Red Sox games on her small black and white analogue television.

My Grandma K was arguably the kindest woman on earth. Her mild manner, acceptance of what life dealt her, and her aversion to conflict made her a delight to be around. Around Grandma K you could relax. There was never an agenda, never a forced love or demand, always a place.

We would see Grandma K every four years on our trips back to the United States from Pakistan — if you add up how much time I spent with her, it wasn’t very much. Perhaps that’s one reason the memories of her are sweet and strong.

And Grandma K? She loved those Red Sox! They were her team. Had she been alive today, she would probably have been both surprised and pleased that the granddaughter who grew up in Pakistan, the most unlikely one of all her grandchildren, was the one at the Red Sox parade celebrating their World Series win. And enjoying it from start to finish!

So Grandma K and all my Cote cousins, who also taught me that American sports were not all to be dismissed – this one’s for you. Thanks for the memories!

PapiThe trophy! The trophy World Champions! Clown - Copy Confetti! - Copy Duck boat Dynasty - Copy Face - Copy Go Red Sox - Copy Larger than life! - Copy Making history - Copy More faces - Copy Napoli's Beard - CopyOrtiz 2 - Copy Ortiz Pedroia - Copy The Big Red Shoe

11 thoughts on “For Grandma K – Live From the Red Sox Parade!

  1. You are so very blessed to have known your grandma~mine were both gone before i was born…and my 4 sons didn’t have good memories of either of their gramma’s~so sad. I still love being around older folk and love being mothered in anyway~got very little affection as a child, and besides moving so much and feeling “rootless” I have chronic illness (ME) which seems to reduce me to feeling like a lost unwanted child again. It’s a very lonely life~and the saddest thing is I bring a lot of it on myself by getting so easily irritated, being overly sensitive due to the severe depression~I feel like no one wants to be around me esp when I don’t even wanna be around myself! Have had this all my life but it’s gotten so much worse as I get older.


  2. Yep. If they get the scores in heaven, Grandma is mighty please; although, she may be too busy bowling with Grandpa to notice. I’m sure Grandma has lots of opinions, the two that come to mind are: everyone is to be loved and no one should have to eat burnt toast.


  3. I remember her being exhausted on days after late night overtime games and being ‘let down again’. She would have loved this decade!


  4. Love the photos! Sharon, Michael and Sofia were there too, and Will Middlebrooks told them Sofia is beautiful and congratulated them. Nice. I’ll email you a photo of Sofia at the parade! She represented this multigenerational Red Sox fan family well!


  5. Wish I was there to celebrate with you! Since moving to Maryland in March I have realized on so many occasions that I am truly a Bostonian at heart. Came a long way from the South of Africa to come to love a city and team in the American North East!


  6. You were at the parade!! Great pictures, and I am so jealous. I would love to have been there, and looks as if you had blue sky. We have rain and more rain. The sun played hide and seek for a few days, but today it’s completely in hiding, but this is Rochester. Such a lovely tribute to Grandma K. I like to think that I might get more like her as I continue to grow older, but I guess I am too opinionated!


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