Because Some Things Just Require Cake

Cakes later on...

My eye spotted the card and I grabbed for my pen and small moleskin notebook, my ‘must haves’ for writing:

A great many things can be solved with kindness – even more with laughter – but some things just require cake

Yes! That’s it.

Cake – with its pretty facade and sugary center; cake with its sweetness and joy; cake and all that it is.

Some things just require cake.

In a world that vacillates between the extremes of far too practical and outrageously extravagant, cake is that happy middle ground. No one ever needs cake. But it sure can put a different spin on the day.

Cake whispers ‘special’; cake says ‘stop’; cake shouts ‘sit down for awhile’.

I don’t know what your life holds, but perhaps you’ve tried kindness and laughter. Maybe today is about cake….You decide!

Blogger’s Note: Or maybe you’re an ice cream person….just try melted nutella on vanilla ice cream. Some things just require nutella on ice cream.


4 thoughts on “Because Some Things Just Require Cake

  1. My friend Susanne makes the best Almond flavoured cake. It’s a white cake but it’s drenched in some sort of almond liqueur and the frosting is this lovely almond flavour…..oh my…. Yes! It’s true! Some times one needs a little cake!


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