Kaleidoscope of Colors

Life feels like a kaleidoscope of colors and fabrics, textures and sounds. So much of life here in Goa is lived in living color.

The northeast and its chic black is miles across oceans and through airports, a world away from color.

This area is new for me, yet feels so similar to the memories of the heart and soul with its vibrant colors, sights, and sounds– all the things that those of us who grew up in the east miss so much in our western world of efficient grey.

This kaleidoscope of color feels like it brings a flash of light and hope to seemingly desperate situations. Is it an illusion?

I don’t know.

All I know is this: I love the colors.






10 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope of Colors

  1. I had to laugh at that last photo – have pinned it on my Just Hilarious board! I’m like Robynn who said in her post that she might be tempted to push you out of the queue for the plane and take your place!


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