The morning starts with a sun-sparkled ocean and coffee, strong, sweet coffee.

The weight and frustrations of the week are wrapped up and thrown out with yesterday’s kitty litter. Only one place for them to go – to the garbage, the grey, mud splattered trash can.

The restlessness, mistakes, disagreements – thrown out.

Today is a new day, a new time, an empty chalkboard. I look out at the ocean and cup my hands open – open to life, to God, to Joy.

And I remember to Breathe

No one who ever said to God, “Thy will be done” and meant it with his heart, ever failed to find joy—not just in heaven, or even down the road in the future in this world, but in this world at that very moment, here and now.~ Peter Kreeft on the topic of Joy


5 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. I LOVE this! More and more Jesus is reminding me of the holiness of those two words: here and now. This is the time that matters. This is the window for joy and life. This is where we are. Here and Now.
    And I love it that we can set aside…. we can choose to set aside….the restlessness. It doesn’t disappear…but it looses it’s power to destroy when I set it aside and enter into the Here and Now.
    Marilyn. This post has deeply blest me. Thank you.


    1. Robynn thanks for your words. You’ve got me thinking a lot about here and now these past few weeks. Thank you for that. Hugs!

      Marilyn Gardner Sent from my iPhone


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