When You’ve Got Nothing

It hurts when you’ve got nothing.

We live in a world of give and take, a world that cries out for ‘fair’, a world that screams ‘You can’t get something when you give nothing!” Our world says “If you give something of value to me, I’ll give something back!”

But what if you’ve got nothing?

What if the most you can come up with is….nothing.

No words, no comfort, no energy, certainly no wisdom. Nothing you have is enough. Eyes cloud, head spins, mouth has no words, pen has no thoughts.

I’ve found that when you’ve got nothing, He becomes everything.

8 thoughts on “When You’ve Got Nothing

  1. This post made me smile, recalling the one time in my life when I actually had to say out loud “I got nothing.”

    I was teaching master’s classes in theology and had one exceptionally bright student. Her papers were thoughtful and thought provoking. She possessed a certain artistry which made her stand out. I was happy to act as ‘mentor’.

    One evening, a more than a year after she’d been my student, she phoned my office and asked to meet me–that there was something urgent she had to talk to me about. I’d already made plans that evening, and there was something in her voice which threw up a mental red flag for me. So I postponed my date, and agreed to meet her at a pub near my house.

    When I walked in, I noticed she was quite dressed up. And a lot of make up. She stood to meet me. We shook hands. I sat down and ordered a drink. And then and there she began to profess her love for me. “Augh!” was all that ran through my mind. And when she came up for air, she paused and looked at me smiling, expectantly. I racked my brain for the last thing she’d said, as I had completely blanked out. Finally I remembered hearing “…and I want to be in a relationship with you.”

    It was easily one of the most ungracious moments in my life. I sat there stunned. Finally, I awkwardly exclaimed “I got nothing.” And then sat there, staring.

    I could hear my own words echo in my head. I wanted to take it back; to make it somehow less harsh. But the problem was it was true: I had NOTHING.

    She left with what little dignity she could muster, and I gathered my things, shaking my head and left for my date.


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