When You Realize Injustice Begins in Your Heart

Freedom trail
Doesn’t he look HOT in his outfit?!

It’s sweat-dripping, sidewalk-sweating hot. A “virtual sauna-bath” says one weather site.

I shuffle through downtown and the homeless population lolls complacently. No amount of me buying people cold coffee, blueberry flavor, extra cream and sugar with a croissant on the side will take away the fact that right now I hate every one of them. Hate the lethargy. Hate the laziness. Want to scream “Get a job!”

It’s so easy to judge. 

And because I’m that way, and judging is as catchy as a virus my wandering eye finds more people to judge.

That lady, so perfectly coiffed? She’s got it easy. I just know she has central air-conditioning and ‘plays’ at her job. I bet you real money that she shops at Nordstroms and Talbots (Not the outlet) and by God – look at her gold!

And that family? Happily on vacation?….Why on earth do they have to ride the subway at seven am? Sleep-in for God’s sake!

I’m so busy judging that I bump into a wall. Literally.

And that’s where I belong because only a wall and the Living Breathing Spirit of God can knock some sense into me. I easily condemn injustice and brokenness in the world without recognizing where I contribute to it. Every single day in uncountable ways.

Because injustice begins in my heart. Brokenness is birthed in my soul. 

I long to see a world transformed without realizing it needs to start in this heart. The one in my body. The one that beats a slow pulse – 62 beats per minute. The only heart I have any control over.

“Transform me inside out, upside down, right side up. Show me O Lord how I contribute to the injustice and sin-brokenness of the world and then by your mercy – change me”. This is my early morning prayer

13 thoughts on “When You Realize Injustice Begins in Your Heart

  1. Driving in a foreign country brings out reams of criticism on my tongue. My speech and attitude on the road is my litmus test for myself to see how willing I am to be wronged without speaking. I don’t do that well that often so it keeps me humble!
    Or walking into a grocery store when it’s 95 outside and there’s no a/c on…that is really revealing of where my heart is at.
    Take mercy on me, Lord!


  2. Thanks for adding to what God is already opening my eyes to …. my devotion before this was on the same topic. Okay, I’m listening and your prayer is my prayer today! I posted this on my FB too.


  3. “I easily condemn injustice and brokenness in the world without recognizing where I contribute to it. Every single day in uncountable ways” – Hokey toot that hit me hard. Thanks for the morning refresher!


  4. You must have seen the same weather report as me “Sauna-like conditions???”. It’s like today is a giant spa day. Woohoo!


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