Warehouse Epiphany.

Ugly pieces of furniture are piled up in a musty warehouse. It’s hard to distinguish a dresser from a chair, a table from a nightstand. Scratched and worn, these pieces seem to languish; cast offs from a better day.

And then my husband picks one out, his eyes alight with challenge. “This piece” he says. “It will be beautiful!”.
It’s the eyes of the artist that see past the worn. The piece has good bones; can be restored to beauty and purpose.

Me? I still think it’s ugly.

But our living room is proof that he’s right. That ugly worn can be transformed to a piece that captures the eye with its charm and style. So I smile as we wedge the piece into our car.

The difference? He sees through the eyes of a creator, an artist; through eyes of his soul.

The lesson is not lost. We — sitting in Life’s warehouse feeling often ugly, scratched and worn, are seen by our Creator-artist as useful and beautiful. We have amazing potential when the artist is given room to transform.

I’m lost in the wonder of truth; this warehouse epiphany. I hold tight to what I know is a revelation from my Creator.

The ugly- worn can be transformed to beautiful-useful.

I smile as we drive home.



8 thoughts on “Warehouse Epiphany.

  1. As antiques are precious jewels so are we — living mosaics. Love the post! It is finally raining in Phoenix after a few oppressive days. Petra


  2. I love the Egyptian box. I’m curious about the story behind the giant wooden “C”! Who picked that one out? What is it?


    1. It’s a really cool seamstress table. It opens up and the seamstress sits in the C – the line you see is a measuring tape. So cool! and yes – Cliff found :)


  3. Thank you for the reminder. I have been feeling especially cracked, worn and broken these past few days. This is my ‘normal’ anyway, but I have been especially struggling these past few days to see myself with Father’s eyes. To see the beauty that He sees and not all the cracks and dents and scratches that mar me. Hugs!


    1. Thanks Jill — I’m right there with you as you can see from my writing :). I especially loved your comment on the pierced nose piece! I found myself nodding along with your words. Thank you for that and please let me know when or if you decide to go for it ;)

      Marilyn Gardner Sent from my iPhone


    2. I feel the same way~I’m not 60 yet, but I feel all used up…so discouraged. I have chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia and am sleeping (or trying to at least 1/2 the time, and feel so wiped out it’s a major effort to do much of anything…exercize isn’t fun, it’s a chore..I love to swim, but have to force myself to go these days…How can God use me when I have no energy?!? I’m so very discouraged…when the chronic depression hits the worst I have trouble believing I’m a jewel in my Father’s eyes…


      1. Hi MK – thanks for sharing. This is such a hard one – all I know is that our economy is totally different than God’s. While we think we need energy – he just wants the heart. But internalizing that is a different matter and so very hard. thinking of you today.


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