When the Easy is Impossible

Robynn from Fridays with Robynn is taking a break today. I’ve reblogged her post “When the Easy is Impossible”. It’s a great post that she wrote a year ago and still serves as a great reminder to me– what I think may be simple could be incredibly difficult for someone else. Thanks for reading!

Marilyn R. Gardner

What happens when everyone tells you something is easy, but you still can’t do it? In this post Robynn Bliss explores “easy”  If you haven’t yet read any of Robynn’s posts you are in for a treat!


English: A photo of a propane gas grill.

Two years ago we bought a grill. Some people might call it a barbecue but here in Kansas we pride ourselves on our barbecue. What our family has is a grill. The grill is attached to a small propane gas tank. Two years ago we bought that grill. And two years ago we grilled all summer long. We made chicken tikka and hamburgers, we grilled lamb kebabs and vegetables. Nothing is as delicious as food cooked outside. One year ago we grilled. We grilled pork chops and zucchini, gourmet pizzas and roasted mushrooms.

Up until June. In June our propane gas tank ran out. It was empty. There was no more grilling.

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One thought on “When the Easy is Impossible

  1. Marilyn,I love the display of teas. As I sit here, I can smell the various aromas. The best way to start my day is with a cup of tea. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Petra


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