Sometimes You Need to Hold the Moon

On Saturday night we held the moon. It was a gigantic, illuminated beach ball hovering over the Atlantic Ocean. Hovering like you could touch it, pull it down, take a bite out of it.

And through a trick of the lens we held that gigantic moon.

We –little humans on a fallen planet — held the moon.

Sometimes you need to hold the moon. You need to feel that all things are possible. You need to nourish that tiny, faltering flame of faith that you know burns in you. So you hold the moon and you think about the universe – how vast it is with its light years and galaxies. And yet a sovereign God gives you a lens to hold the moon.


Sometimes you need to hold the moon to believe.

It’s Monday in my grey, government cubicle. But this weekend I held the moon.






9 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need to Hold the Moon

  1. I love this! We couldn’t see it from here, too many trees around and it was hazy. We should have driven up to the lake. And I love Cliff squishing the moon.


  2. Life goes on in grey cubicles…so glad for your co-workers that they have you to brighten their existence with some color, laughter, and joy/peace beyond even your own understanding.


    1. hahahahahahahahahaha!! Right?! I sent this to our kids on Saturday night with the caption “Dad Squishes the Moon!” So there’s another post…..Thanks for making me laugh in my government issued cubicle!


  3. how fun “forced perspective” photos are…and you are correct, they help us see the Sovereign God and how He loves us and allows us to “hold the moon”.


    1. Yes! It hit me this weekend how incredible it is. The lens captures stuff and brings into understanding things that our naked eyes don’t always catch. Thanks so much for coming by this morning, and coming by early. I have really appreciated getting to know you through comments and it’s been a huge encouragement to me. So – thank you!


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