Wrapping up the Week ~ 6.01.13

It’s hot. It’s as though all the passionate pleas for warmth during winter gathered in the Heavens and sunshine and heat have come in abundance. I love this weather with all its sweat and lethargy. The whirring fans spell ‘h-o-m-e’ and the heat takes me to palm trees and dust, to Pittman’s house in Karachi and Addleton’s in Shikarpur, to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and Cairo back to my couch in Cambridge. I love this.

The cottage 3And today we unpack ‘place’. A small cottage-condo by the sea will be ours for the summer until fall rolls round and new renters sign a lease. Rockport is a special place for our family. Rockport means slow weekends with no internet or television, piles of books, long walks by the rocky coast, and art projects galore.

And so my blogging schedule will change. I will be posting Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, Robynn will continue on Fridays, and Saturday wrap-ups will go on hiatus until the fall.  Any extra time will be spent enjoying summer life and working on a two book projects – one with Robynn where we explore more of our TCK roots and compile what we’ve already written and add fresh, new material; and another that is shaping in my head with input from my husband and brother, Dan.

Onto wrapping up the week….

On Photography: My brother Stan has submitted a photo to the National Park Photo Contest in the United States. Stan is a superb photographer and this picture does not disappoint. Take a look at ‘Realignment’ and pass it on to others. You can share on Facebook as well as vote on it.

On getting rid of books and moving on: All of us know what it’s like to go through that gritty, difficult passage from one stage to another. Sometimes it happens through moving countries, other times through other life events. In a NY Times op-ed Stanley Fish explores this in a piece called Moving On. He begins the article on looking at what it was like to get rid of books and look at empty shelves but moves it from there to looking at retirement. A quote from the piece:

“I’m not going to go on forever. I avoid this realization, even as I voice it. I say, “I’m not going to go on forever,” and at the same time I’m busily signing new contracts, accepting new speaking invitations, thinking up new courses, hungering after new accolades. My books are clearer-eyed than I am. They exited the stage without fuss and will, one hopes, take up residence in someone else’s library where they will be put to better uses than to serve as items in a museum, which is what they were when they furnished my rooms.” from Moving On NY Times May 27,2013

On writing: I was delighted to be asked to be a monthly contributor to A Life Overseas. I’ve contributed two articles to A Life Overseas and love the perspective I see from other authors there. They are working through thoughts and feelings on poverty, nationalism, saying goodbye, having household help, and faith with passion and strong voice. I feel privileged to join them on this journey.

On the amazing book by my bedside table: It continues to be Americanah and oh I am loving this book. The descriptions, the attention to detail, notions of home, flawed and fully relatable characters  – all of it wrapped up in a great package. I don’t want this book to end quickly so I’m taking it in sips.

And to you who read….last night I met someone at a wedding who reads Communicating Across Boundaries.  I had met her only once before and she found the blog through a link on someone elses’s site – so humbling and wonderful to meet her. That’s how I feel about you all – it’s an honor that you read and share. Thank you and see you on Monday!

5 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Week ~ 6.01.13

  1. Rockport is such a refreshing place, I hope to get up there at some point now that I live in Boston. All thank you for your faithfulness in writing.


  2. What an amazing blessing to have a plcae by the sea! Enjoy!

    A few weeks ago, I heard an interview with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the BBC World Service (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0175w3t). I was tempted then to get her book but now that I have read your review, I feel I really should. Who knows when I’ll ever get around to reading it… :-)


  3. Rockport is one of my favorite places. While overseas I would journey in my mind back to my haunts by the Atlantic…Cape Cod (Wellfleet), Camden, Nantucket, Point Judith (RI), Little Compton and Rockport. Living above the Rift Valley was great but I missed the ocean the most. Going to Mombasa was an exotic substitute for my need of ocean views. I’ve enjoyed your blog more and more. While I was the US national, but two boys became the TCK’s. We talk about our experience going to, living in and returning from Kenya and how it changed all of us completely in our view of the world and what the Lord wanted us to do. Enjoy your summer…wish I could join you. Nancy from Wisconsin


  4. Not quite the CBreeze, but your COTTAGE sounds just the right place during the summer months for rest, relaxation, and re-creation. Enjoy!


  5. I met a reader up at the zoo. She’s from Hungary and we had really only met a couple of times at the elementary school our kids used to go to. I was astounded that she reads the blog. I was so humbled. It felt so precious to know that Communicating Across Boundaries is a part of her week. Thank you to all who read and weep with us. Thank you for all who are stirred up and feel things in response to what they’ve read. Thank you for journeying with us into our own angst and emotion, into our sin and sorrows, into our joys and our regrets. We are honoured and confounded. We thank you.


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