A Giveaway, Suggestions Solicited, & a Little Change

So as one who frequently rearranges furniture (in lieu of moving across international borders) I’m feeling Communicating Across Boundaries needs a bit of a change!

So – I’m doing a couple of things.

One: A Giveaway! Yes – it’s been a long time since I’ve done a give away, partly because it’s hard to do a giveaway when people from all over the world are involved. But with Amazon UK and Booktopia or Kindle I can still get a book or a certificate for a book to most of you. So here’s the deal: The give away is for a book!

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity by Catherine Boo


Finding Calcutta: What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service by Mary Poplin


A Book of Your Choice (provided it’s not Fifty Shades of Grey)

What do you have to do to participate?

Send or share your favorite post from Communicating Across Boundaries (this includes guest posts!) with a friend who doesn’t read CAB, then share in the comments what post you shared and why. You can also share on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CommunicatingAcrossBoundariesBlog. Or leave a suggestion or comment on this blog post.  I will draw the name through a computerized program so it is completely fair. The giveaway will close on Monday, May 13. 

Two: What do you want to hear about? What’s of interest to you? Do you have a series you’d like to see on Communicating Across Boundaries? Are there other guest writers that you’d like to hear more from? Share that either through comments or send an email to communicatingblog@gmail.com with your suggestions. I’d love to hear more about your heart, what you want to hear, what resonates with you.

Three: I’m looking at changing the design a bit. I have committed to a ‘no advertising’ policy on my blog – partly because I could never make as much money advertising as I do in my day job as a nurse, partly because I hate busy blogs that interfere with content and my guess is many of you do as well, so the design will still be simple and easy to navigate, just a little change. You know like moving the dining room into the living room and surprising your family!


What other changes would you like to see? What appeals? Do share through the comments or email!

And make sure you participate in the giveaway!

20 thoughts on “A Giveaway, Suggestions Solicited, & a Little Change

  1. Whatever you do, please don’t change the blue tiles! I feel like I am driving over that bridge in Karachi ( is it Clifton bridge? I never remember which one is which) :)


  2. As a MK who lives in college, surrounded by friends who have never left the country, this blog has helped me maintain an international perspective on life and want to make the effort to share more about my life. Keep up the good blogging!


  3. I am fairly new to your blog and I thoroughly enjoy it. I also found Djioubti Jones through you. http://www.djiboutijones.dreamhosters.com/

    I enjoy your insight and perspective of following Jesus in a non- American culture and the challenges The Lord lays before me as I read each day.
    God blesses me through your writing!


    1. Thanks so much for these words – I love Djibouti Jones – great blog! I continuously struggle with the “americanizing” of Christianity and how we are too work through that in other countries as well as in the United States. I am grateful that you read – I’m also humbled that you read. Thank you.


  4. Hi there, great idea because it meant I got to go back and look at things you wrote before we met! I sent An Ode to the Well-meaning and clueless to a friend who used to receive not only tea bags, but USED tea bags! I laughed and laughed. It was such a sweet post and I appreciated your vulnerability. Tweeted it too. Always happy to pass on some Marilyn Gardner wisdom!

    I love hearing about your TCK experiences, more came up in that very post – about going over the mountain. They help me as a pretty clueless mom. I also like everything you write about faith because you handle it so gently and I think few people write from your nuanced perspective.

    I’ve got an expat haircut post planned, so now I’m off to read Taper, Trim, and Snip that someone else recommended. Good stuff Marilyn. Oh, and I know it can be hard to share photos sensitively, but that might something to think about for your blog updates. But I do think the site is lovely.


    1. So glad you found that post! That was a necessary one to write …. and yes, we too got the tea bags used but the idea that this is still happening. That is depressing. So great idea about the photos – you’re referring to personal photos of what’s going on, what I’m writing about, correct? It is a hard one – what general guidelines do you use when deciding to post photos?


      1. I hoped you were :) I’m pretty sure you have better taste in authors – plus from what I’ve heard the writing would make you crazy :)


  5. Everything you write is from the heart. You’re inspiring. I’ll keep reading. By the way, your giveaway choice of “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” is great. I read this a few months ago, shortly after I read “A Fine Balance”. I’d recommend both books.


    1. Denny – I read this on a day when I am tired and want to thank you for these lovely words. And I would agree – both of those books are great. I read A Fine Balance a few years ago and just finished Behind the Beautiful Forevers this winter. Both are remarkable books.


  6. You have great taste in guest bloggers, as well as in graphic layout. I trust you to keep it interesting, pertinent, & often life-changing! Blessings from a fellow-TCK about to make yet another major transition!


  7. I just sent “Saudade” – A Word for the Third Culture Kid, FEBRUARY 7, 2012, to a friend just appointed to a TCK care position in her ministry. It is the first post I encountered at CAB, and has enduring significance in describing well that feeling of wanting to go, & never being able to arrive, home. It is remarkable how much conversation it is still generating!


    1. Wonderful. I love the comments on that post – the honesty and sense of connection that comes through is therapeutic. So glad you passed it on – thanks also for the words of encouragement. Would love to hear what this transition is


  8. I just sent Taper, Trim & Snip to a Canadian friend about to go to Cambodia, in part because she’s a hairstylist, & in part because of the comment about Cambodian haircut massages. I’ve had my hair done in Thailand, Taiwan & the US. Asia certainly serves up more service with a smile!


    1. Anne – I love that post as well. Something so universal but done so differently all over the world. Did you have any chunks cut out of your hair like Robynn in any of the places? One time in Pakistan I went in thinking I was getting a long curly perm and came out looking like a shorn lamb….It was not a happy moment.


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