When My Anxious Thoughts Multiply Within…..

I woke with a headache. It started at the base of my neck and before long wound its way up to my temples. I was acutely aware that it was a headache born of anxiety.

“When my anxious thoughts multiply within….”

Policeman are out in full force here in the city. Army men parade the streets. All the surrounding towns have loaned their safety units to Boston. Random checks are occurring in the subway and people clutch their arms to their bodies a bit tighter.

It’s part of the terrorist process. For the bombs don’t just terrorize for the moment, although their worst physical impact is felt then. Bombs and attacks terrorize far longer than the actual event. It’s like dominoes. The terrorist domino effect – where one thing happens and pretty soon you have a world spinning to try to keep the dominoes from crashing down.

I work in state government and we have received email upon email giving us resources, recognizing that even those not directly involved feel the ripple effect of the sadness and terror that reigned on Monday. Articles on grief and post traumatic stress flood my inbox. And I am grateful for the attention that the Department of Public Health is finally giving to what people around are experiencing.

But for me it’s not enough. For there has to be a faith element that wraps around all these resources. A recognition that the God who sustains and heals will continue and work through and beyond man-made resources.

And I find the answer in an age-old Psalm, sung for generations, sung to those in captivity, those in exile, those in war, those fleeing their enemies.

“When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Thy consolations delight my soul”.* This is the missing ingredient to all the other resources.

*Psalm 94:19 “A text of this kind shows us forcibly the power of Divine grace in the human heart: how much it can do to sustain and cheer the heart. The world may afflict a believer, and pain him; but if the grace which God has given him is in active exercise in his soul, the world cannot make him unhappy. It rather adds by its ill-treatment to his happiness; for it brings God and his soul nearer together — God the fountain of all happiness, the rest and satisfaction of his soul.”~Charles Bradley, 1845

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10 thoughts on “When My Anxious Thoughts Multiply Within…..

  1. Phil. 4:6-7 are usually my go-to verses at times like this, but this one has really helped me today. Here in South Korea, ‘anxious thoughts’ are rarely far from our consciousness, no matter how hard we try not to worry.


    1. Thanks for this. I also appreciate your honesty on worry. So easy to talk about not worrying, not letting the thoughts multiply, so much harder to do so.


  2. Psalm 29:11 is a recent comfort to me and I offer it as a prayer for all those whose lives have been altered by this recent bombing: “The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.” I love your blog & often quote it…am from the church your sister Judi has been involved in (Denton, TX)!


      1. Exactly – the “random acts of kindness” phrase has always bothered me. Perhaps because it is overused? At some point the words and the acts feel hollow.


  3. Thank you for being so clear and so honest. Praying for Boston and for all those I love who are there…that you would all be wrapped in God’s peace, care, and comfort. He is there. He is with you. He redeems.


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