Wrapping Up the Week – 3.16.13

A long-awaited spring is still a distant thought as our temperatures plunged to the low twenties this past week. So.Cold. Our heat went out on Thursday night and Friday opened with cold nose, cold toes, and cold heart. While the nose and toes still feel cold, the heart is warmed through tea and talk. Pizza also helped.

This week Communicating Across Boundaries went from Outrage to Pity to Social Commentary to Roots – I loved what you added through your comments, some that agreed – some that called me out! Thank you.

St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning

On a New Pope: Peggy Noonan’s essay in the Wall Street Journal on the new Pope begins this way: “I’ll tell you how it looks: like one big unexpected gift for the church and the world.”  And indeed her essay made me stop, pause, and give thanks. I am not Catholic – but as one who believes in the worldwide Church, this picking of a new Pope is important. The author goes on to give some personal observations of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis. It’s a beautiful and encouraging essay so I urge you to take a few minutes and head over to read Go and Repair my House.

From the article:

“He is orthodox, traditional, his understanding of the faith in line with the teaching of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. He believes in, stands for, speaks for the culture of life……He loves the poor and not in an abstract way. He gave the cardinal’s palace in Buenos Aires to a missionary order with no money. He lives in an apartment, cooks his food, rides the bus. He rejects pomposity. He does not feel superior. He is a fellow soul.”

On White Saviours: Be ready to be challenged and perhaps angered by this essay, written a year ago by Teju Cole. I gave you a couple quotes and a preview in You Can’t Empower Those You Pity but here is a link to the entire article. I would love to hear your thoughts, good, indifferent, or bad.

From the article:

“How, for example, could a well-meaning American “help” a place like Uganda today? It begins, I believe, with some humility with regards to the people in those places. It begins with some respect for the agency of the people of Uganda in their own lives. A great deal of work had been done, and continues to be done, by Ugandans to improve their own country, and ignorant comments (I’ve seen many) about how “we have to save them because they can’t save themselves” can’t change that fact.”

On Social Media: Do you use social media? Of course you do! Yo arrived at this blog via FaceBook! (Just Kidding) This chart is funny and has some smart advice. Take a look at the Social Media Flowchart! You can find it here. 

On the Printed Word vs. the Electronic: Remember that post I did on “Who ‘Kindled’ Your Parents?” Where the discussion went around the world on the merits of paper vs. electronic (or vice versa?) Take a look at this 30 second video that shows with surety: Paper is not dead!(Note – you don’t need to understand French to enjoy this!) 

On my Bedside Stand: And there’s nothing new….life has left little time for reading this week. So I ask you: What should I be reading? Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Thanks so much for reading and responding so intentionally to CAB!

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Week – 3.16.13

  1. Marilyn!! I just finished reading A Lady’s bicycling guide to Kashgar by Suzanne Joinson….intriguing and enjoyable raising many many different sometimes confusing themes….! Now I’m reading Anne Tyler’s A Beginner’s Goodbye. It’s mildly sad and pathetic but I’m enjoying it.


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