Beyond the Window at Fish’s Eddy

Those of you who are regular readers of Communicating Across Boundaries know that we go from provocative to poignant to profound quickly in any given week. This week is no exception — today we move away from TCK’s into a totally different arena with more glimpses of New York City in this post by Stef. 

I’ve now lived in New York City for two years. In urban settings beauty doesn’t always come naturally – you have to look for it. Sometimes it comes in the form of a building, other times through a shop window.

For months I passed by one of these shop windows. I would peek into the window on my way to Union Square and promise myself that one day, when I wasn’t in a hurry, I would stop in. That shop is Fish’s Eddy.

When my parents came to visit me for Thanksgiving, I finally got a real peek at the store I was so fond of.

I went beyond the window.

Fish’s Eddy is a gorgeous pottery store. Gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe it. Every inch is covered with jars, plates, bowls, cups, platters, etc. The shapes, colors, and textures are charming in every way. There are plates with crossword puzzles on them, platters with bridges spanning the length of the dish, coasters in the shape of artist’s palettes, and more. The pictures below don’t do the store justice, but let’s just say my future home will be full of Fish’s Eddy dishware.

It’s also a reminder that sometimes I need to slow down to see what’s beyond the window. 

Take a look at the wonder of Fish’s Eddy through these pictures.

Fish's Eddy - cups, teapots Fish's Eddy - Hands Fish's Eddy - hanging cups Fish's Eddy - Vintage China Fish's Eddy -Close up of cups

11 thoughts on “Beyond the Window at Fish’s Eddy

  1. Stef, I love this! You are such a good photographer, an artist with a camera. My favorite: The orange teapots. Next to my china tea cups, I love teapots. Well, I don’t really love them, because they are just things. I use them all the time, and if they get broken, well, it’s not that much of a loss. A friend told me long ago to remember that “Things are to use, people are to love, and we should never confuse the two.” And I do love YOU!


  2. Thanks, Stef, for giving us all the chance to “slow down to see what’s beyond the window.” Lovely photos of gorgeous pottery! And your reminder goes for so much more than windows, doesn’t it? To see what’s beyond the clothing, the facial expression, the curt voice, the anger, the resentment, the jokes, the lack of gratitude, the ‘anything’ that gives us only a glimpse when so much beauty might be on the other side. Thanks for a great thought with which to begin this day!


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