Insta-Lover of Instagram

Today’s post is by Stef. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Being a lover of photography, I always chuckled a bit at those who took pictures on their smart phones and posted them on different social media sites. Then, I myself got an iPhone. Almost immediately I downloaded an iPhone application called Instagram. Instagram is a social media app that allows for users to post minimally edited pictures to a personalized profile. Once posted, other users can view the pictures and “like” them or comment on them if they so choose.

Though I am still a dedicated camera user, I have become an insta-lover of Instagram.

I consider all of my Instagram photos to be amateur shots and by no means think this iPhone app makes me a photographer. I do, however, love capturing the little moments throughout my day. Instagram helps me keep track of my blessings and what makes me smile. Looking back at each picture reminds me of all the things to love about life.

Enjoy this peek into the past few weeks of Stefanie’s Life through Instagram!

Insta-love - pottery plates

Insta-love Boots made for walking insta-love crepes Insta-love Drinks Insta-love elevator insta-love Franny Insta-love house by the road Insta-love My Books Insta-love salad Insta-love Shakes insta-love Stef Insta-love Stef and Snow Insta-love taxi
Insta-Love 2 Tigris on pillows Insta-Love

15 thoughts on “Insta-Lover of Instagram

  1. This reminds me of the Poloroid and the excitement we felt when we could snap and out popped a developed picture! (Shhh, a few generations removed from this one.)They faded so quickly. A great job, Stephanie! I like your subjects and compositions.


    1. Bettie, I wish polaroids were still popular! Now the film is very expensive because Polaroid stopped making film for the instant cameras, but I find Polaroid to be truly special!


  2. Stef, I LOVE these photos . . . the blue plate collection is my favorite! I bet each piece of pottery has it’s own story, as every one of your photos does. I particularly loved what you wrote about chronicling life with photos: “Instagram helps me keep track of my blessings and what makes me smile. Looking back at each picture reminds me of all the things to love about life. ” What a lovely thought and practice!


  3. Love the plates, sorry Robynn you cant have that space, I am pushing you into the corner. Plates are so totally my thing.
    I love the light and the colours of the last one too. You have a natural talent for composition.
    I am depending less and less on my camera and more on my iphone these days as it is always handy. Cameras in smart phones are developing so fast it wont be long before they find a way to make the results as good as those of a dslr. Well maybe not in a year or two but I wont be surprised if they do at some point.
    Looking forward to your next post.


    1. Yes – the plates are amazing! They were on a wall in a store called Anthropology! What a beautiful arrangement.
      Thanks so much for this comment! I love seeing my style develop over time and an iPhone is a perfect way to keep a camera handy. I agree – the technology is already so phenomenal and it will just keep getting better!


  4. Where was the picture taken with the blue and white plates on top of blue and white plates? I want to move into that space! Gorgeous!
    My favourite photo though was of the “hunter” boots! You’re hunting down life and moments… it! Thanks for sharing Stef!


    1. Robynn, it was taken on Newbury Street in Boston at an AMAZING store called Anthropology. Anthropology has amazing home decor and clothing! Those plates were truly STUNNING! I would love that in my house!

      Thanks so much for reading – And yes, I love my hunter boots! I took that picture on Tuesday as I walked through Central Park!


    1. Ruth, I was coming home late one night and the subway was completely empty. I love this shot of emerging from a trip underground!


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