Re-Post: Beyond the Nachos – The Underbelly of the Super Bowl

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New Orleans is the place – Football is the Game. 

I wrote this last year but am compelled to re-post. Let us not let our appetite for entertainment allow us to forget the wrong that surrounds that entertainment.

I am not a football fan but this weekend I will excitedly forgo a Sunday afternoon nap and head to our friends’ to enjoy great company, good food, interesting advertisements, and … oh yeah – I think there’s a football game as well. I love the Super Bowl for all the reasons beyond football.

Much as I want this to be a light post there’s a troubling underbelly to the Super Bowl and it demands my attention. Earlier this week my nephew alerted me to the problem of sex trafficking at this event – an event that has people tuned in across the nation, riveted to their seats to watch that missed field goal….!

Thousands of women and girls are brought to large sporting events and they aren’t  brought  to watch the games. They are brought  to satisfy the sexual appetites of Super Bowl fans who came from around the nation. In the 2010 Super Bowl an estimated 10,000 prostitutes were brought to Miami, many unwillingly. Football, Nachos, beer and top it all off with a dessert of sex from what are often trafficked women and underage girls.

My stomach is turning and the nausea is inescapable – Could it be God uses these physical symptoms to get my attention.

Last year Indiana  passed a human trafficking law that is much tougher and “extends the definition of sex trafficking and increases penalties” This is largely because of the work of Shared Hope International, an organization with a mission to “rescue and restore women and children in crisis. We are leaders in a worldwide effort to prevent and eradicate sex trafficking and slavery through education and public awareness.”  Leaders in the organization were thrilled that the law was passed in time for the Super Bowl, sending a message to customers that they will be watched. There is still little awareness on the topic in the United States, perhaps because it’s often seen as an overseas problem, but that is far from the truth. I was happy to find the poster featured above –  but where are the posters in the United States? They should be present in every metropolitan area.

If there is one thing I know about you who read my blog – you are pro-women. From Blue Bras to Arranged Marriages to Mothering to Feminism – you are about women and who we are, who we can be.  So take a stand this Super Bowl and let people know about this underbelly. Introduce them to Shared Hope International. Let’s all find out more and see what we can collectively do to make a difference. All the fuss this week about women? Let’s make it matter by focusing on an issue I’d like to think everyone could agree on.

Most of all, if you are a woman, know who you are before God so you can let others know who they are before God. Just as Jesus relentlessly pursued the woman who reached out to touch his clothes in the book of Matthew, so he is in a relentless pursuit of you. Just as he cried with Mary and Martha over the death of Lazarus, so he weeps with you. Just as he said “Your sins are forgiven!” to the woman caught in adultery, so does he the same for you.

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4 thoughts on “Re-Post: Beyond the Nachos – The Underbelly of the Super Bowl

  1. The two biggest events that bring in the sex-slave trade in America are the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras. Now both events will be held within a few weeks of each other in the same city. Time to pray! I met a girl who goes with a few other college-aged girls and sits in her car outside of brothels in New Orleans, (those with the bars on the inside of the windows so no one can leave), and just prays. Many times they have seen men pull up in the driveway, look nervously at them and then leave. Of course, more needs to be done, but it is a courageous start to stop this horrible crime.


    1. I didn’t even think about Mardi Gras – but so true. And the college age girls are very courageous when you think about the anger that would be focused on them should a pimp find out. I love your reaction and it’s right on “Time to Pray!”


  2. I remember the first time you posted this… I was simply disgusted and flabbergasted, not realizing the extent of this horror. I am glad to see you’ve posted it again. Excellent post Marilyn.


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