Happy Floats

A perfect end of the work-week post from Robynn ~ Enjoy!


I know there’s a movie called Hope Floats. I’ve never seen it. But I like the title. Hope rises to the top. It breaks free from the bottom and it bubbles up. Hope floats.

This week I learned that Happy has similar properties. Happy also can float…when I let it.

On Monday I left Manhattan, Kansas. I drove to Kansas City, boarded a Southwest plane bound for Albuquerque, New Mexico. Logic said I shouldn’t go. Last week was crazy. I debriefed a team recently returned from a mission’s trip to Thailand. We welcomed a long-term guest into our home on Tuesday. I babysat for another friend on Thursday. The girls had dance. I participated in a women’s retreat. Lowell’s two nieces moved in on Sunday for a week. And I left on Monday. Logic was adamant. I really shouldn’t go.

Love said go. Lowell reassured me they’d be fine without me. (Lowell –plus house guest– plus our three kids –plus two nieces)!

Ignoring Logic and the growing voice of Reason, I hopped into the car. I left.

The whole way to Kansas City I fought off the guilt. This wasn’t fair on Lowell. The nieces would need me to feel settled and welcome. Our house-guest needed my love and encouragement. Our own three kids surely need their mom. And Lowell. Lowell works out of our home….but he works hard and the work is important and pressing. How would he get any thing done with me not there to run interference? The weight of the guilt and the voices of Logic and Reason nearly persuaded me to turn around and head back toward home.

But in the middle of the angst, right around the time I was leaving the car in long-term parking, I started to catch glimpses of Happy! Just the prospect of traveling brings me joy. I love all of it. I love showing my id to the bored security guard. I love making fellow travelers smile. I even love taking my shoes off and sliding things through the x-ray machine. I love stowing my bag in the overhead bin. I love it all! There’s a part of me that comes alive in airports and on airplanes. I smile a lot. I relax. I’m at home.

I understand the language of travel: window seats and emergency exits, transit and departure lounges. Somehow I belong in that world of travel!

English: Dusk in Albuquerque, New Mexico, take...

I had never been to New Mexico before. It’s felt like a new country to me (after all it does contain the word Mexico!). I didn’t need my passport or my green card but I brought them anyway– just in case. There was an adventure ahead and travel documents seemed like a good idea. Looking out the window as we landed in Albuquerque I felt like we had arrived in a modern American version of Asia. The sand, the mountains, the vegetation, the camouflaged airplane hangers and helicopters reminded me of Pakistan. Only different.

It’s been a week full of Happy!

My friend Jill and I have shared tears, laughs, coconut margaritas, book titles, thoughts on pain and faith and waiting. We’ve done this over shrimp tacos and frozen yogurt, over cups of coffee and thrift store aisles, over high tea and in her truck. I’ve been introduced to a whole new part of the country. I’ve seen new styles of architecture. I’ve tasted new foods. I’ve watched new faces. I am happy.

I’m so thankful and happy for a Love that said go! I’m so glad I ignored the guilt. I’m pleased that Happy pushed past obligation and duty and responsibility! Happy rose to the top. Happy floats! And I let it! It’s been a great week.

Today I leave to return to Manhattan, Kansas. I go home to mountains of laundry, a familiar vegetation in the carpet, the drama of adolescents. It kind of reminds me of weariness and responsibility. Only different.

Love let me go. And home to love I go.  Going home is happy too.

Happy floats!

3 thoughts on “Happy Floats

  1. Finally finding time to read and comment and write. I read your post on writing then decided to read some more and found this one. I am glad you took the trip. Sometimes we are better for those whom we love, when we take some time off to rejuvenate. I love to travel but I must say that airports drive me nuts, now after reading your post, I am beginning to wonder if that disqualifies me as being a serious traveller.


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