A Monday Morning reminder that Patience is Beautiful!

Marilyn R. Gardner

On a Monday morning I am reminded of a phrase used daily in Egypt, and perhaps the entire Middle East. It’s the phrase “Sabr Jameel” loosely translated as “Patience is Beautiful!”  At face value one can hear this and assume it is no more than an idiom or pleasant phrase. What I learned this weekend is that the concept of ‘Sabr’ permeates the Muslim world and is deeply ingrained in Islam. My brother, Dr. Daniel Brown, a pastor with a PhD in Islamic Studies and an excellent speaker/teacher was speaking at a conference and brought in this value and concept as one of the areas where there is a cultural disconnect between the world of the instantly gratified and the world of ‘Sabr’. In more simple language, it is a disconnect between values of speed, efficiency and productivity often represented by the western world, and relationships and patience viewed highly by Muslim majority countries…

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