Evidence of Grace

It snowed yesterday. Huge flakes came down and painted the world white and fluffy. It was that perfect sort of snow. The light, pretty, I can see each separate flake kind of snow.

The fact that I just wrote the word ‘pretty’ in the same sentence as ‘snow’? This is evidence of Grace. My attitude toward yesterday’s snow is evidence of Grace.

When we left Massachusetts to move to Phoenix in 2003, I wiped the snow off my boots and vowed I would never see a snowflake again. Snow represented all that is cold and hurtful. It represented a place that didn’t like me. It represented alienation and pain and crisis after crisis. And I stepped off the plane in Phoenix into sun and expansive blue desert sky and all that was behind me.

And then five years ago we moved back in the middle of December. Back to four feet of snow. Back to the cold.

We moved back and I was terrified. Terrified that I would once again feel alienated in a cold Northeast world.

So yesterday, as I walked slowly to the subway with frequent stops to catch the beauty of the snow, was evidence of His Grace. This transformation — this would never have happened without some deep soul-work, like a surgeon with a sharp scalpel cuts into the skin and carefully removes the diseased tissue. It is, without doubt, the work of God in me – and the evidence may seem silly, but to me it’s miraculous. I stop and I take pictures of snow. I smile as the snowflakes hit my nose and make my scarf wet. I don’t hate where I live.

This is evidence of Grace. My delight in the snow all around is evidence of God-given Grace.

Where do you see evidence of Grace? 

“When he arrived and saw evidence of the Grace of God, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts”. Acts 11:23










14 thoughts on “Evidence of Grace

  1. Marilyn I so can relate to this!!! I left 20 years of cold, icy Central Asian winters and have not wanted to see any more snow since. This winter I made two trips across the Cascades into the snow country and have experienced His grace so much as a result.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing this. For a long time I didn’t want to admit that my new reactions were grace….like if I did so I was giving up on a dream of moving back overseas….relaxing in Grace has been a huge step.


  2. I remember your sorrow about leaving nearly perpetual sunshine and your dread of the New England winter drear, and my own soul rejoiced when I read your words today! I am SO grateful for this sweet evidence of grace and of your unrelenting determination to find and embrace grace. Thanks for sharing what many of us need to believe. I am with you and your family in spirit this week.


  3. Beautiful snow scenes, Marilyn. I’m really thankful for adverse or even pleasant weather. And, like the ever-changing weather, His amazing grace keeps on transforming us as we experience the diverse seasons of life. Thanks for sharing your insights.


  4. I can attest to this transformation, having been with you when the cold pained you viscerally. This kind of transformation, though while seeming small, is evidence to amazing grace.


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