Gifts of the Season

In this post Robynn beautifully wraps up Christmas for us by giving us a glimpse of the gifts of the season. 


Christmas gifts

There was wrapping paper and bows everywhere. There was a lovely tree full of sentiment and ornament. But here’s the best of what I received this Christmas:

*Our friend from Christmas past, John, came through the week before Christmas Day. He brought a box full of various shampoos. I know it’s awfully random but it pleased me.

*Adelaide wanted to buy her “enemy” a present with her very own money. She thought it might change her heart toward this girl at school she struggles to like. I don’t know if it did. But it changed mine thinking she would do that.

*A friend, fellow church goer, close associate wrote me a letter a week before Christmas and apologized for pain she had caused me nearly 7 years ago. It made me cry. I had moved on–I had chosen to forgive without the apology. But her letter softened my heart and filled me with a quiet peace. She is released. And I am lighter for it.

*I have a kind mother-in-law who suffers great physical pain. She has for years. Seeing her face light up at the sight of her granddaughters blessed me. It’s a gift to have her in our lives and to live so close to them now is sweet privilege.

*A boy in Bronwynn’s class greeted me on the way to school the other morning with a finger pointing up to the sky. An enormous flock of geese flew overhead. Look at the Birds! I did. And my faith grew as I remembered Jesus cares. And I told Ryan to have a great day. He had made mine.

*A tattered envelope arrived all by itself on December 21. The bottom was mostly torn off, the contents hung precariously inside. And in it was an enormous check for an insanely large amount from sacrificial saints. And I cried.

*I loved seeing Connor, our 15-year-old son, decked out in his tuxedo, singing with 79 other public high school students, “Rejoice, Sing Praises to the Lord our God”. It was worship in an unexpected place. The force of it, the harmonies, the potential of it all brought tears to my eyes.

Grace just shows up! We are changed when we notice it and offer it hospitality.

That’s the essence of my one resolution this year: Notice. Invite. Embrace. Change.

What are your gifts from the season? Would love it if you shared with us through the comments! 

7 thoughts on “Gifts of the Season

  1. Robyn, I’m catching up on posts I haven’t had time to read . . . and I LOVED this!! Beautifully written and with such meaninful thoughts. I have retyped your last two paragraphs to hang on my wall. And for me, in this post, Grace showed up!!!


  2. Robynn: Your story of Adelaide’s gift caused a tearful remembrance of my dear daughter Kristine’s gift to a college roommate who had asked her to find another room/roommate. Kristine was obviously saddened by this rejection, but nevertheless spent several hours sewing the girl a Christmas gift. Kris was an excellent seamstress. This month it will be six years since we lost Kristine to brain cancer.
    Looking forward to our reunion in Heaven. Marilyn’s Aunt Ruth


    1. That reunion will be a sweet gift. Oh Aunt Ruth, I’m so sorry for your loss… Thanks for connecting to this and for sharing your memory of Kris.


  3. We had quite a different Christmas is a new place and not what I had in mind. All my decorations in storage we dug out a mini tree and the kids made a paper star and ornaments. Things seemed scattered and I was already saying next year will be better when we are in our house. But I learned something from one of my favorite books- the Grinch- ” it came without packages, boxes or bows. Christmas came just the same. Maybe Christmas does not come from a store maybe Christmas is so much more”. And it was more with less. And I rejoiced and did not wish it away. So to the new year I carry my resolution to be intentional about choosing joy and grace no matter what the expectation might be.


  4. Beautifully said, Robynn. Grace abounds all around. The key: NOTICE. It is up to us to INVITE, EMBRACE, CHANGE. Thank you for the reminder that we can make a difference in the year ahead.


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