Labor of Love

I met Dawn Hobbie Sticklen when I responded to a post she wrote about the Muslim community in Joplin, Missouri. Since that time we’ve communicated over blogs and twitter. Today I’m sending you to her blog “Since You Asked…” to read a piece that she posted yesterday. If you’re wondering how you might break out of your comfort zone this year, her essay will be a great challenge and encouragement.


In July of 2010, Cheryl Fogarty and seven others from Joplin, MO, boarded a plane bound for Haiti.  Once on the plane, Cheryl felt a wave of peace envelop her and she told herself, “This is what you’re supposed to do.”

And then she got off the plane in Haiti. 

Cheryl, who suffered from chronic asthma since childhood and depended on inhalers and several medications to breathe freely, was unprepared for the stench of decay she inhaled when she stepped off the plane and into the suffocating heat and humidity of Port-Au-Prince.  Her immediate thought was, “Surely God didn’t bring me all the way here to die.”  Once again, she began to pray.

Six months before her first trip to Haiti, Cheryl began a quest to understand her life’s mission.  As she recently told me, “I had achieved all my goals.  My husband and I have been together for twenty years.  We have four children, a beautiful home, and my practice is thriving.  Yet, I felt there was something more I was supposed to do……Read more here!


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6 thoughts on “Labor of Love

    1. Jason, thank you for visiting my blog and reading Cheryl’s story. What she is doing in Haiti is nothing short of amazing – and all because of her willingness to listen quietly to what God is saying to her. To me, she is the ultimate example of how we can all be God’s instruments in helping bring about change in the world. Thanks again for reading her story!


    1. Thank you so much, Little Gumnut, for reading! Truly, hearing Cheryl’s story affected me in ways I never imagined. I’m so inspired by her willingness to listen – and then act- in order to show others God’s love. I think there is something for all of us to learn in her story. :-)


  1. Thank you, Marilyn, for helping to get Cheryl’s story out. What she is doing is inspiring and demonstrates what happens when we sit still and listen to God. ALL of us have the power to make a difference in the world around us because ALL of us are threads in this beautiful, sometimes messy, tapestry of Life. :-)


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