First Friday of Advent: Everything Changes When a Baby is Born

Many of you will know that Advent is marked off the calendar in Sundays. It’s the four-week season of expectation as Christians around the world wait for the Christ child to be born. Wikipedia describes it as, a season observed in many Western Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The term is an anglicized version of the Latin word adventus, meaning ‘coming.’ It is the beginning of the Western liturgical year and commences on Advent Sunday”. This month Fridays with Robynn will feature four Friday Advent pieces. Friday is a day of worship for many around the world. Fridays are also the day I get to write! And when I’m not grumpy I really love the Advent season. Happy First Friday of Advent to all of you!

Yesterday was a miserable day. I stayed in bed most of the day and drank hot tea. I cried lots. I watched a couple of mindless TV shows. I read some. But mostly I just felt sorry for myself.

And finally I phoned my mom. My dad was there too…and he was full of wisdom and humour.

But really it was a day when you just want to talk to your mom.

On Monday some very dear friends, the Chamberlains, from our India days came through. We hadn’t seen them in nearly two years. It was a wonderful reunion. My kids enjoyed their kids. We enjoyed them. Of course we stayed up way too late, attempting the impossible, trying to catch up on all the stories with all the heart. Tuesday morning after getting our own three kids out the door to school, we helped reluctantly get the Chamberlains out the door as well.

Tuesday afternoon I spent all afternoon baking and grieving the shortness of their visit, the ache of such sweet friendships we made in that far off place.  I was baking for an event later that evening, where we say thank you to all our dear Alpha volunteers. That same afternoon Lowell and I realized that the Environmental Missions project we oversee was very nearly broke. We had submitted an expense account for some rather large expenses only to be told they would have to hold off on reimbursing us because of lack of funds.

So you can see that by Wednesday I was done. I sunk into myself and savoured long sips of tea and long moments of self-pity.

I was suddenly lonely again—having said goodbye to our old friends. I was suddenly tired again—having poured out for family and friends and church. I was suddenly overwhelmed again—having realized our bank balances are low and will likely be this way for a while and it’s Christmas. I was suddenly sad and full of sorrow.  I was gray and ground to a groaning, grinding stop and I cried.

And then the text message came: “He’s here! Kendall Jason. Born November 27 at 12:01pm. 6lbs 9 oz 21 ¼ inches long”.

Everything changes when a baby is born. Instantly colour entered where everything had seemed so dismal. Immediately optimism was born. New life infused new meaning and a sense of hope into my soul. I got up and took a shower. I put on clean clothes. I suddenly had purpose again.  I grabbed the camera and headed out the door. Unexpected energy and excitement came with me.

We had a baby to visit.

I held the new little mister. I hugged his mama. I kissed his fresh head. Tears came to my eyes and spilled down my face. Miracles still happen. God still makes new babies. He still writes new stories. Grace and joy still exist. Suddenly my Wednesday didn’t seem so despondent, my heart wasn’t so close to despair.  I left the hospital smiling, hoping, happy.

Because it’s true! Everything does change when a Baby is born!

5 thoughts on “First Friday of Advent: Everything Changes When a Baby is Born

  1. My friend! How I wish I was there with you for tea time, cry time and hugs, What a wonderful piece on Advent and the truth that everything does change when the Baby is born. I have been in a funk with all the Christmas things at the back of the storage and not coming out this year and end of semester craziness and times of lonely. Thanks for your always honesty and your speaking of truth and love. Prayers are with you and Hope is here :)


    1. Oh thank you sweet Jill! You are missed here very much. Sarah stopped by this morning with a cup of my favourite coffee! She remembered it perfectly and I was pleasantly surprised.
      Today I’m trying to embrace The Baby….I’ll pray that for you as well.
      Love to you.


  2. Dear Robynn, I so feel for you. Life is hard, and I hate to tell you, it may not get easier. Life in this world is also not fair. BUT our God is good. He is good to send that new baby just when you needed to stop thinking about yourself and all the problems. He has promised to supply ALL we need – notice, not all I may want. I grew up poor in the midst of the depression, but I never knew we were poor until much later. My Mom always managed to make much of little, whether it was stretching the food, or making toys for us our of cereal boxes – it amazes me to remember the doll furniture she made out of oatmeal boxes. I think her attitude never let us feel poor. I brought that with me into adulthood – I think we had $5 between us when we got married, but a free place for our honeymoon, and the first months rent paid on our first 3rd floor apt.
    As missionaries with kids to clothe and feed and outfit for boarding, I remember joking with others in the same situation about having “too much month left at the end of the money.” But God never failed us, we never went hungry and we never had to beg. And He is the same faithful God. Thanks for opening your heart. I’ll look forward to the Fridays of Advent. Blessings!


    1. Oh dear…I hope this post wasn’t too me-centered…. I really wanted it to be about the baby…and ultimately about The Baby. Thanks for your kind words though. You blessed me today Auntie Polly!


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