Saturday Solitude

I am sitting by the ocean wrapped in beauty.
But for a few early morning scuba divers and some energetic water birds I am alone. I can hear every sound: every wave, every chirp, every wind chime.
It is so beautiful.
The week–troubled, rushed, exhausting, demanding — feels long gone in this Saturday Solitude.
And sitting here in the solitude I am wrapped in the arms of God.
I know that soon this area will become busy with people. Families enjoying the ocean, local residents walking dogs — but right now it’s just me…and Saturday…and solitude.



14 thoughts on “Saturday Solitude

  1. Must admit there is a little envy going on in my heart. But was surprised on my end when my husband’s flight to Detroit was canceled at the gate so he obviously did not make his flight out of Detroit, final destination Uganda…so I had him for two more nights. Since he was not supposed to be here, and therefore no responsibilities on this end, we were able to attend our outdoor orchestra venue. The rain held off and it was a delightful time, one that we have not shared for a long time. Unexpected graces!


    1. Oh Lou Ann – I get that. I was so envious a couple of weeks ago of any who had time to do this. If it makes you feel better I’m back to the raging river this morning!! Your unexpected Grace sounds amazing. How long will your husband be in Uganda? And will you get to join him at all?


      1. He will be in Uganda for 2 weeks and Burundi for just under a week. I will not join him on this trip but he hopes for me to join him next year on at least one trip. Once I retire or reduce get more vacation time and funds are available I will join him as much as possible. We are in transition now from pastoral ministry to him working fully for Training Leaders International.


  2. As I read this, I closed my eyes and could see this so plainly, could smell this so plainly, and could feel it completely. May His peace surround you and restore you. Amen.


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