How To Write the Perfect Blog Post

For those of you who blog – this visual was a great way to learn more about formatting a blog post. It was developed by Derek Halpern from Social Triggers and he has given permission to share. I hope you enjoy! For those of you who don’t blog – I continue to be honored that you read Communicating Across Boundaries. I love it and I thank you. Have a great weekend!

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This was way too good not to share! For more information like this check out

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8 thoughts on “How To Write the Perfect Blog Post

  1. I should so follow this, I don’t blog I write novellas. Just don’t know how to contain it all without meandering all over the place. its been a year since I have written anything should go back to it. Thanks for sharing


  2. Thanks my friend! I needed this, being I am still relatively need to blogging this helps me! Though I don’t blog often, I am trying to get my traffic up! I am up to 20 followers and I get people through and I have some likes but I don’t have commenters, so I need to 1.) blog more and 2.) find a way to WANT pull people in! So, thank you!

    Happy Sunday!

    God Bless!


    1. I thought it was such a good model as well! Too good not to share, right?! I look back at some of my beginning blog posts and cringe! Thanks so much for reading.


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