The Bhuttos- Who Are They

Zainab Khawaja is a thoughtful blogger from Pakistan. With subjects that range from politics to social commentary to culture she has given me tremendous insight into my adopted childhood home. This article fascinated me as she looks at the prominent Pakistani family – the Bhuttos. Writing about the Bhuttos in Pakistan is like writing about the Kennedy family in the United States- there is intrigue and drama, passion and opinion. For those of you who are interested in Pakistan – I hope you find this post interesting!

2 thoughts on “The Bhuttos- Who Are They

  1. I’m honored to have my blog reblogged by such a wonderful blogger :) You continued interest in my blog inspires me to work hard to make it better. I hope I can live up to your expectations and that you continue to enjoy my blog.


    1. Zainab – your writing is a gift to me! Thank you for continuing to provide great insight. And I’ve no doubt I will continue to enjoy your writing!!


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