Is it Possible to Take a Bad Picture of the Pyramids?

It is raining buckets outside my window. While Saturday brought spring weather of the best sort, today brings massive April showers. What better time to post pictures of a place where it rains three minutes a year? A place where the sun daily shines and the weather people look out of your television screen proclaiming that “Tomorrow the weather will be….fine!” A place where barbecues are never cancelled.

And as you wander through these pictures, ask yourself this question:

Is it possible to take a bad picture of the pyramids?

Photography courtesy of Stefanie Sevim Gardner and C.W. Gardner

17 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Take a Bad Picture of the Pyramids?

  1. I love #13! My husband and daughter (Jeff & Kari) were able to visit the pyramids about 19 years ago but I’ve never been there.


      1. First Juneau, Alaska (to visit daughter #1 and her husband), and then Kenya in January! Cairo will have to wait……


  2. Boy did this bring back memories… I visited Egypt as a child on one of our trips “home” to Kenya — and I have photos of the pyramids in black and white, and one of my favorites is my mother on a camel in front of the Sphinx and pyramid. I love all of your photos so much, and to answer: NO! It is not possible to take a bad picture of the pyramids… not from my POV!


    1. Would love to see that picture of your mom. And I really like your answer – I have the same point of view….I said to another person that I wish I’d posted the one where my kids are touching the tip of the pyramid.


  3. I think you’ve captured the Pyramids amazingly. They look formidable and peaceful all at the same time. Plus, you captured the Pyramids without a sea of tourists spoiling your view. I miss those Pyramids so much! Your observation of the weather was spot on – have you seen the movies Cairo Time? Your comment about the lack of rain reminded me of it :)


    1. I’ve heard that’s a great movie Justine – thanks for the reminder. We never saw it but it’s been recommended by several people who know that part of the world. These pictures all come with some funny stories – most notably my oldest son falling off a horse… harm done thankfully~


    1. You will get there….and once you drink from the Nile you are destined to return! Can you tell I’m having one of those “I wish I was someplace else” days?!


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