On the Brink of Eternity

“Mom, you’re not listening! Look at me!”

“Mom, you’re walking so fast! What’s the hurry?”

“Mom, why are you on your lap top? Can you get off?”

Those phrases, heard so often in the last couple of weeks, they are the mirror to my world – my children. In this case, one child. My easy-going, take things in stride, deep thinking 16-year-old. The mirror he held up was one of a rushed woman in the middle to top of her career who had forgotten how to just “be”. With the purchase of an i-phone and the signing of contracts for consulting work the reflection was too much. I wanted to hide from it.

Into that reflection came a reading from A Holy Experience. A direct challenge to the reflection, a chance to take my son’s words seriously.

“Race for more and you’ll snag on time and leak empty. Hurry always empties a soul.*”

“We stand on the brink of eternity. So there is enough time*”.

I want my reflection re-made by the Time Creator. I want to reflect a holy view of time. But right now? Right now I have to run to the store…and make a phone call…and call the doctor….and make sure I’ve checked email…and…and….and…….

On the brink of Eternity – can you, Creator of Time, redeem my view of time and change my reflection?

*Quotes from A Holy Experience post from 4.19.12


10 thoughts on “On the Brink of Eternity

  1. Oh how i know that feeling! slowing down is counter-cultural so we end up not only fighting our own desires to be involved, productive and useful in our own eyes but also fighting society’s current. The classic salmon fighting against the power of the rushing river until we reach the top of our waterfall and our destination.


    1. So true – such a wise observation. Is it that we want, for them more than anything, to see the best in us? Or that, because they are a part of us, we worry they will begin to reflect those worst parts? …..good thoughts on a rainy afternoon listening to Mozart and talking about Nietzsche with said 16 year old…


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