Journey: One Year

A year ago on Monday we passed a milestone of parenting – we witnessed and participated in our son Micah’s wedding. There is a peculiar joy as you watch your child find a soul mate and embark on what is surely the hardest journey any two human beings will ever undertake. I watched this video made by Micah for Lauren with tears – may you enjoy this and be reminded of the mystery of marriage.

Happy Anniversary Micah and Lauren!

13 thoughts on “Journey: One Year

    1. Amira – it’s so unreal. I wish I was a poet to describe all the feelings. There is that wistfulness where you remember what it was like to hold their heart as their mother :) but it’s quickly replaced by amazement and sitting back in wonder at this whole thing called commitment and marriage. Thanks for taking a look :) proud mom that I am.


  1. Now I really only know Micah and Lauren through you, but even I am sitting here with tears in my eyes . . . so touched by their evident love for each other and their joy in each other! Your filmmaker son’s talent so perfectly, artistically and movingly captured that love and joy. Bravo, Micah! Thanks so much for sharing this sweet gem, and I am reminded of the mystery of marriage (and ever grateful for my own).


  2. How lovely! And what talent and devotion. You and Cliff done good!
    And may Lauren and Micah continue to bless each other.


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